The Impressive History Of Glock Inc

That NEW new testament:

Glock-AidI bet I’ll meet Gaston on Rodeo Dr. someday walking out of Rolex, and be like “What up Gaston?” and the exchange between us will likely happen similar to one of my favorite scenes from BELLY.  I’m Method Man in this case (aka Ike Love).  I’d try to get him to agree to a collab, and in his Austrian accent he’d tell me “We don’t fuck with outta town’ers, especially silly blog motherfuckers like you.”  I’d play it off like it didn’t hurt my core, but from the instant change in my demeanor he’ll know that it cut deep.  Regardless, my respect for him after that never dwindles.

6:36 – 6:47 – Collection goals.

10:12 – “I went to the patent office to check on the latest inventions that the competition had.  I examined everything, and then I bought the most efficient pistols available at the time and took them apart; inspected everything carefully and analyzed them.  I then concluded that I would not make such junk because it is much too expensive and not safe enough.”  LOL this guy.

10:54 – “All Glock products undergo rigiorous tests”  *Mattv2099 footage*  Oh wait, just Glock footage :/


P.S. – It’s sad that I actually quit dreaming about a Glock made carbine.  Will it happen?  Some say it’s in the works.  I don’t know though, I’ve been holding my breath for a long time.  Every SHOT show that passes is like a punch to the gut.