Can Cannon Grappling Hook

It’s on and grapplin’ over at Demolition Ranch:

Can-Cannon-Grappling-HookWhoa this grappling hook product actually exists, and is only $145 LOL.  I love it.

Remember when Monica Royal Nonesuch built a homebrew grappling hook?  That kid has so much heart.  I put him in the Hall of Fame for that one, and those were his early days.

Thoughts?  Did you miss out and not cop a grappling hook in time for the Memorial Day weekend?  *smh* yea me too guys… me too.

Remember when Batman and Robin used to climb up buildings with the grappling hook, but it was just the camera angle rotated 90 degrees and them grunting and pretending it was tough work? haha that was awesome.  I couldn’t find a YouTube clip of that vintage Batman I’m talking about… but here’s some modern Batman grappling hook cuts if you’re interested.