Families With Guns On The Front Line

Vice took a look.  This is the trailer:

0:07 – LOL someone school me on what that is. A mortar bomb?

0:08 – Might have just answered my own question… is this what fires them?

0:12 – Oh HELL YA.  #ChildGoals.  If you’re kids aren’t brining you food, beverages and your AK on the reg, what’s the point having any? :P

0:14 – I like this guy’s hair.

0:21 – Yessssss.  Asks kid “Do you want to shoot it?”.  Kid gets overcome with excitement.  Responsible adult chambers one round and removes the magazine… takes it to the window where the kid pulls the trigger kicking off a round indiscriminately into the air haha.

0:32 – I didn’t notice until after.. but this kid is playing with a 1911.

0:34 – AHHHHHH my head is about to explode, finger in the barrel.

AK47-Fitness-Workout0:36 – NO NO NO.  Loaded or not, have some dignity and teach your child gun safety my man.  I can’t let it slide even though that kid is wearing a legit AF spongebob polo.

I might watch the full episode when it comes out *shrug*.  I’m sure it will have a ton more gun safety violations which will make me cringe.