Airsoft Double Glock Looking Pistol

Side-by-side sexiness:



Oh man… if Glock made this for real I literally could not even.  Sure the Double 1911 is neat, but it’s not a Glock.  Someone made an actual double Glock, which is pretty legit because it’s chest mounted and you can fire it like you’re flying and holding sideways gangster style.  This airsoft side-by-side configuration is definitely more practical.

Thoughts?  Do you think Glock will ever expand their business plan to include ridiculous stuff like this just for shits and giggles?  I hope at least my dude Gaston orders around the R&D department to create things like this for his own personal collection.

If you’re looking to purchase one of these Airsoft guns, you can head over to WE Tactical Training International.  The pistols are available in the standard looking black slide, a chrome version, and in compensated and non compensated versions (LOL haha like that matters when you’re throwing light as air plastic BBs down-basement).  Also, the site says “Available on Sale Now!” but in typical internet fashion there’s no way to actually see the price on one and god forbid actually give these guys money and have them send you one.  *smh* I’m surprised but also not surprised this continues to happen.

Thoughts?  Why stop at double, amirite guys? *sighhhh*

Gat tip: Tony