Tactical Response Negligent Discharge White Knights Come Out In Comments

White knights in the comments:

Key-And-Peele-Rap-Album-Confessions0:14 – Hmmm so he starts the vid off with a smirk on his face?  Uh ok.

0:24 – Video goes positive vibes to “help kids with cancer” rather than crushing Yeager.  Good on him for trying to promote a good cause like that.  Seems like an initial deflection though in this case, but I still like the sentiment.

5:15 – Asking if someone wants their money back in front of a group of their peers is a lot of pressure.  I personally wouldn’t care

6:50 – SHOTS FIRED at California. haha oh man some guys aren’t going to like that. “There’s something to be said about where this happened and how it’s going down, because I’m telling you the rest of the country doesn’t act like this.”

9:28 – LOL *iced tea blasted out my mouth onto my t-shirt*

Is he still putting photographers down range as part of the curriculum?  Or is that still a calculated risk, just like dropping the gun and stepping on it?  His legitimate real world reasons for dropping them are actually solid though when you think about it.  Could it be done with an empty gun to to illustrate the point and mitigate the risk of another ND?  I’m assuming so, but again what do I know.  BIG BOY RULES again in this case?

Read the comments in the video.  They are hilarious.  I’m assuming the negative ones are being deleted.  I’m actually surprised and not surprised that he responded to this.  It’s a good controversy, and controversies mean views.  Like he and everyone else said, it’s fortunate no one got hurt.