Valerie Serbu Fools Around With The VZ58

It’s like she WANTED to make herself look bad (dangerous):

Royal-Nonesuch-Eye-PatchI’m not really sure what the point of this video is… If she really wants to break into the gun community on her own and not just on the coat tails of her dad (Mark Serbu) I’m not sure why she would come out with such a useless video where she’s basically treating the rifle like a toy, even muzzle sweeping the camera man.  That said, I’m suspicious that EVERYTHING is a viral marketing / website hit campaign nowadays.  Like they say, any publicity is good publicity.  If the homies on and various other websites (mine included) spread this around and get all charged up like “OMG GUISE LOOK AT HOW CARELESS MARK SERBU’S DAUGHTER IS BEING.  I LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN”, it will direct thousands of people to his site and he’ll probably sell some more stuff.  Would he have sold the same amount anyway?  Difficult to know… but like they say if you’re not trolling you’re not trying, and if you’re not trying they’re not buying (I just made that up actually.  No one said it until now.  #NevaBinDoneBefo)

Thoughts?  Naturally, the YouTube comments so far are all very “You Go Gurrrrl” type positive. *eye roll*