Astonishingly Enough Guns Are Actually Very Loud

This guy likes hearing himself talk:

Silencerco-Wizard-Staff-Suppressor3:00 – “Silencer” v.s. “Suppressor”.  I used to be smug and only think it was acceptable to call it a suppressor, but now it seems they are interchangeable.  Historically too, tha gawd Hiram Maxim called them Silencers… so you can’t really argue with a legend when it comes to proper nomenclature.  Note: “clip” and “magazine” ARE not interchangeable and will never be.  I’m still going to be a dick about that, and make fun of your MCM when he slips up with it.

This YouTuber LindyBeige has a lot of different videos about weapons and warfare.  All the ones I looked at contain a bit too much talking for my liking, but some of you might enjoy his channel.

Gat tip: SayUncle