Star Spangled Banner Try-Hard Gunshots On The Beat

Jim Huish just won’t go away:

American-Flag0:28 – #NeverShoulderNeverForget

I’ve mentioned it multiple times before, but it’s so painful to witness Jim chasing the dragon still after that first (and only) viral video high – As you can see he’s up to 6M views on that vid now.  I’m impressed with that because it was unique, but I haven’t been impressed since because everything he now does is so derivative.

Him and my least favorite Australian Steve Lee, should do a duet.

1:30 – LOL sponsors.  How he convinced multiple companies to supply ammo and guns, I’ll never know.

Thoughts?  If you’re feeling charitable, you should share this video with everyone you know.  It only has 3400 views at the moment, and it’s four days old, which means it’s basically already forgotten about because that’s equivalent to like 49 internet years.