Everytown For Gun Safety Is Cute With Their Anti-Gun Efforts

I just want to pinch Michael Bloomberg’s little cheeks after every one of these cute lil’ vids drops *smh*:

0:17 – “Part time cashier. Full time patriot.” – Ugh and she didn’t even LOL after that?  That’s how I knew this video was fake, because that line is pure gold.

0:40 – OHHHHHHH YEA!  It’s on.  Boondock Saints carry.  This guy is basically irresistible to females with that setup.  If any of the three girls who follow this blog could weigh in on the attractiveness of that carry method in the comments, it would be much appreciated.

1:02 – “Tell me exactly, how would anyone know that you’re a good guy with a gun?” – Uhhhhhhh maybe because the good guy with the gun is not shooting innocent people for starters?

1:05 – Sweet, I’m loving that pin :P.  He just needs an Active Shooter Response shirt, and a concealed carry badge now.

1:18 – Touches on the fear of government confiscation.

Everytown for Gun Safety is so dumb.    I love how they think they are hurting the pro-gun crowd with these cute little videos.  You mad?  I’m not.  I’m not even disappointed; I’m just entertained.

bruhAfter watching the video, I knew I had to check out their new website SingledOut.org.  Oh man is it pure gold… starting off in large letters at the top how “Lax gun laws put single women at risk” (WAAAAT?).  Then we have such headings as “The Boyfriend Loophole”.   Cool story that Everytown thinks that if a guy is enough of a piece of trash to abuse a woman, the guy will be all law abiding like “WHOAAAA WHOAAAA HOLD ON, I WILL ONLY BUY OR OWN A GUN THROUGH AN FFL, AND ONLY IF I LEGALLY CAN.”.  Classically wishful anti-gun thinking.  If you want a good laugh make sure to scroll down and read all sections of the site.  The “Myths vs facts” section gives examples of how girls can respond to a gun related “Myth” a guy tries to tell them.  Then directly after that section there is a “real life gunsplainers” section with a joke quote from Colion Noir, a expectedly abrasive quote from Ted Nugent (smh he actually said “deserves to be raped”?  Why does this guy exist as a voice of the pro-gun crowd?  How is anything he ever says, doing us any favors?), and a quote from NRA’s Cam Edwards which is basically saying that a victim should have the means to stop an assault which they are being subjected to… not really sure how this can be spun as a negative thing, but Everytown seems to think it is.