Suicide Squad Official Trailer Is Looking Intense

It’s lit:

0:44 – Oh shit it’s Holder from the show The Killing!  Man… I love that show.  Check it out on Netflix if you’re not already familiar.

1:05 – “This is the deal, you’re going somewhere very bad…”  haha looks like Chicago.

jared-leto-suicide-squad-joker1:20 – Yoooooo Jared Leto as the Joker is going to be amazing.

In theaters August 5, 2016.  Hmmm ya ok I want to see this more than Deadpool haha.  Anyone else?  Also remember Cara Delevingne isn’t in Deadpool and she is in this.  They didn’t put her on the splash screen at the end with the other actors (2:16)… maybe she just has a small part or dies right away?