SHOT Show Look At The TheAKGuy’s .50 BMG AK-50

Jon from TheGunCollective looks at a prototype:

Holy that thing is a BEAST.  TheAKGuy snapped with this one… there is nothing else like it as far as I know.  If he can keep it a safe distance away from Barrett pricing, and I’m sure it will sell well.

2:17 – AR-15 stock hey?  The natural choice is obviously to go with a SB-15 arm brace and shoot this thing one handed.  :P

Holy look at how big it is in TheAKguy’s hands:

First images of a nearly completed AK-50 "Leviathan" about to be finished and cerakoted. I feel like a proud father. #AK50

A photo posted by The AK Guy/AKG Rifles (@theakguy) on

TheAKGuy-ENDOYa I knew about this rifle / project before it was released but I couldn’t say anything. *humblebrag* :P   In all honesty that was only like the 3rd thing since 2008 I’ve ever known about before the general public did. No one tells me shit.

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