Serbu Royal Nonesuch Break Action .50 BMG Reveal

Royal Nonesuch shows the build he did at Serbu:

Dubbed the RN50.  Looks pretty cool!  I know a lot of guys probably think the AR-15 accessory compatibility is played out, but I definitely don’t.  Show me a more versatile platform with more accessories *waiting*.  It’s cool that it sounds like they are going to be selling build kits.

When I saw the TEC-9 style handguard with the airholes I was like OHHHHHHHHHHHH!  That looks money.  *Pusha T voice* See this air hole tech and get rrrrrrat from me.

Here’s a teaser video of the build posted on Mark Serbu’s YouTube page:

Royal-Nonesuch-RN50-50BMGOh and in the post I did titled “Royal Nonesuch gets the guns and the girl” where he had a loveydovey pic with Valerie Serbu, was deleted by him on Instagram shortly after I posted it.  Yea yea I screenshotted, but I’m not trying to get Monica in trouble.

Hopefully you all had a great Christmas and New Years.  I spent time with my family. Went to California for a week with my Girlfriend to see my parents and go to Disney and Universal, chilled out and ate too much.  I know you thought I took days off, but my mind was cooking up fresh designs and memes the whole time, there just weren’t blog posts haha. #ENDO I’ll be catching up on emails and posts over the next week. Thanks to everyone who emailed me!