Shooting At Bowling Balls

Wait… so his sister ACTUALLY is his wife?  Now I’m confused.  I cracked jokes in the past, but now maybe the joke is on me. :P jk.

0:45 – I don’t know.. this just seems like a bad idea to me to do at such close range.  I wouldn’t want a jacket fragment or a bowling ball chunk to come back and hit me in the face.

Big-Lebowski-Bowling4:26 – Yep… fragments coming back.  Oh well looks like he dodged them / didn’t get hurt so that’s good.

He should have filled one of the holes with tannerite, backed up and shot it for something different.

6:54 – LOL best part of the video is from here on.  Reading the comments on a lot of his videos, I don’t think that statement is too far off a lot of times haha.