Larry Vuitton Turns Off A Mini Van – Yawns Ensue

100 yards with a .50:

I really look forward to the “turns it off” vids.  They are always awesome, and that jingle is pure gold too.

.50 BMG Raufoss rounds again in this video… let’s see what happens.

0:58 – Driver’s head clean off.  No crazy explosions though… I’m bracing for the engine compartment shots to be epic and be followed by one of his trademark YEAH BRAH WOOOOOOOO celebrations.

1:40 – Awe what the heck?  I thought when we saw that little fizzle spark it was all of the sudden going to blow into a million pieces.  Probably good he didn’t do that at 100 yards.

Larry-FieriI could have told him that shooting that part of the hood on a van or pretty much any vehicle (unless you’re looking down on it) would be a waste of time.  Not knowing anything about stopping a vehicle, I’d assume aiming for the grille would be the best bet across the board.  Maybe that’s a bad idea though because the radiator would slow the bullet down too much and not stop the engine dead?  Anyone?

Hmmm, ok probably least favorite “turns is off”.  I still have confidence he’ll ramp it back up in the next one.