A Preliminary Look At Royal Nonesuch x Serbu .50 BMG

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDONot really much new info besides that render.  It’s missing a forend though, which he does mention his final rifle will definitely have along with a bi-pod and foregrip.  It would be a good idea to throw a strip of picatinny rail on the top for a scope.  It’d throw a couple keymod speed holes on it too for operational street cred.  Also, he should name the rifle “Valerie” after Mark Serbu’s daughter (who I predicted he will fall in love with and eventually go on to inherit the family business).  Valerie Nonesuch has a great ring to it for real.

Him and Mark Serbu want advice on what type of vids they should make together besides the .50 BMG build ones.  Thoughts?