NOIR Season 4 Finale

MrColionNoir-California-No-Right-To-Bear-Arms0:49 – hahha the hunter character is amazing.

2:09 – Noir enters as himself to drop some truuuuuuuuth.

3:34 – Paid for by Ford?  I never though I’d see Noir go from a Range Rover to a Ford.  I’m hoping he’s OT, and that’s just a rental.  Who knows though, maybe some NRA opinion polls showed that Noir was balling too hard and making people salty, so they asked him to pull back on the flex reins a bit?  Haha you never know.

13:17 – mmmm steady streams of brass

Not my favorite episode from an entertainment standpoint, but the message was 100.  The entire past Season 4 was by far the best one yet.