80% Pistol Frame For The Glock Is A DIY Ghost Glock

Innnnnnnnteresting.  A GHOST GLOCK:

Holy, that Spectre artwork is quite possibly the worst logo I’ve ever seen.  Looks like bad tattoo art.  Now that I got that off my chest, once completed this 80% lower will fit fit the Glock full size 9mm and full size .40 slides.  You can pre-order the frame for $135 on the Polymer80 website.  For the price you get the frame, the polymer jib, the drill bits & End-mill bits, and locking block so you can get it done on your drill press.  The areas that need to be milled out to complete this project include: the barrel bridge, top rails of the receiver, and slide guide rails.  The price isn’t terrible I guess, but I really wish they could bring it down around $50 or less.  You can get a factory brand new Glock slide for $200 right now… so obviously this $135 Ghost Glock + your time is just for a fun little project.  Additionally you get the novelty of bragging to others that your Glock is off the books and you finished it on your drill press, which admittedly is pretty damn cool.

They have some legal info including an ATF letter if you care to take a look.

Polymer-80-Spectre-Glock-Lower-Receiver1:54 – My head almost exploded when they said they based the grip for their frame on the 1911 rather than the Glock.  JMB is rolling in his grave, and word from Austria is that Gaston “literally can’t even”.


Gat tip: Mitch