Ghost Inside The Taurus PT 24/7

Bug or feature?  YOU DECIDE :P

I see some definite self defense advantages with shaky-shooting :P  The failure to eject at 1:29 is problematic, but what can you do when you’re handed something as futuristic as shooting without even using a trigger.

I don’t speak the language (Portuguese?), so I don’t know if this gun is factory or has been modified in any way.  Anyone care to weigh in?  Looks like this might be in reference to the Brazilian police getting 98,000 of their pistols recalled back in 2013.  Wow that would have cost a lot… someone got fired over that I’m guessing.  Turned the color of Caldo Verde and handed in their resignation letter at the very least.  A regional Brazilian joke tie-in for your enjoyment :P.


Gat tip: no uno