Being Mad At Hollywood For Hollywooding

They keep saying “America needs to speak with their wallets”.  I agree wholeheartedly… and that’s exactly why all those movies and TV shows they don’t like continue to exist.  Take the Kardashians for example.  That show would have tanked after the first couple episodes and all of them would be broke and working at McDonalds if the American people didn’t elevate them to fame.  Sure the members at this NRA Round table are all nodding and agreeing with each other… it’s not surprising.

Spencer And Heidi shotgunTo ask Hollywood to be socially conscious is laughable.  They will keep putting out movies and TV shows for shock value since they know they will make money… ones which will glorify teen pregnancy as something cool, go against common sense, have no educational aspect what so ever, vilify guns and on and on until the end of time because people will collectively keep spending millions and millions of dollars on tickets and rentals.

<— Prime example is these two in the thumbnail.  Like why?  Whyyyyyyy?  *sigh* Because they were MADE famous.  Heidi Montag, and Spencer Pratt.  Hahah it pains me to know that those two names were even taking up room in my brain, that I could recall them just by looking at the picture rather than having to google them.

These NRA discussions are “alright”, but NOIR is still the best thing the NRA has going right now hands down.