iPhone Claymore

Richard Ryan with a real power move:

Flexxxx young man flex.  $2250 worth of iPhones gone in an instant.  Take that watermelons! :P

I sure hope after 6 years of blowing up iPhones he’s still easily pulling in 10s of thousands of dollars off ads to pay for all this stuff and his time.  I’m actually surprised no one else has who has high speed filming capabilities has ventured into the iPhone blowing up business.  Larry Vuitton would be the obvious choice.

iPhone-ClaymoreI wish Richard would have emailed me before this video and asked why I thought as far as the creative direction.  I would have suggested at least five ALLAHU ACKBARS! yelled, and one goat be involved in the video somehow.  I feel like my skill set dictates I could creatively direct trolling scenarios the best.