George Zimmerman Has Twitter And It’s Exactly Like You’d Expect

This guy… so classy *eye roll*:


Sorry if you’re trying to eat breakfast… I realize a grinning cigar smoking fat dude with a gold chain in his taco meat might not be the best thing to see that time of day.  I’ve shared my feelings regarding George Zimmerman on here before, and they haven’t changed.  I never did like him, and I’m becoming even more irritated by him every time something new pops up in the media.  Oh and there’s a lot which pops up, believe me.  Seems like if he’s not doing shitty paintings, or attaching himself to some controversial cause, he’s feeding the trolls by the thousands on twitter and provoking them with almost every tweet.

This is a guy that’s trying too hard to be a celebrity right now, it just hurts to watch.  With a lot of the things he’s saying too, he’s basically provoking people to “come get him”.  Besides an obvious thirst to get back in the spotlight, I just have no idea why someone like this wouldn’t just change their name and identity and live out the rest of his days as a free man in peace.   Why try so hard to give up the freedom that you narrowly almost lost once already? *smh* I don’t know…

If you want to scroll his Twitter account for all the racially charged tweets, Anti-Obama memes, and general troll baiting then be my guest.