Handgun Mounted On Quadcopter

I’m pretty sure this isn’t legal… But I ain’t no snitch:

Seems to work pretty awesome.  Some sort of electromechanical trigger pull going on.  I wonder if you could change the angle of the propellors right as the trigger was pulled, to mitigate the effect of the recoil?

When I posted this on Instagram earlier, there were some comments made about the possibility of active shooters using this type of thing from a distance.  I hadn’t considered that, and the thought is pretty frightening.  I brought up the point that all the active shooting scenarios I can vaguely remember, I believe most of the people were dumber than a bag of hammers (in general)… so with the current state of quadcopter mounted handguns being very DIY, I’m guessing none of those idiot scumbags could have figured it out anyway even if they wanted to.  Just like with everything else though… sooner or later there will be “kits” for “airsoft purposes” up on the internet where you could buy this whole setup with a remote gopro on the front, and assemble it in your living room.

I’m guessing this video wont be up long, once the NSA finishes running it through FRML (Foliage Recognition, Matching, and Locating) and pinpoints the location.

Handgun-Mounted-On-QuadcopterThoughts?  Would operate remotely? (haha get it? :P)

Gat tip: Pyro, Chris