EAA Trolls Hard With The ABDO For Concealed Carry

This is a joke right?  Someone please verify we’re getting trolled gently:

Yea that’s not conspicuous at all *eye roll*.

Abdo-Concealed-Carry-EAA*slow clap*… that’s some expert level trolling right there if I’ve ever seen any.  Even that weird looking dragon with the fedora for the ad, WTF?

$49 on the pre-order LOL.  It’s always the most retarded ideas that have a patent pending too.  To be a patent officer, you must have to take a few courses where they show you the funniest most ridiculous shit on the planet, and you have to prove that you won’t crack a smile or ROFL.  If you do, you fail and can’t graduate.  Just when you thought this product couldn’t get any more retarded EAA states “Keep an eye out for the Smart Version coming soon.”… so in other words it’s going to have a fingerprint reader or a retina scanner or bum hole print recognition of some type on it.  FML… I can’t even.


Gat tip: Jerry