Idan Abolnik And The Case Of Dangerously Retarded Krav Maga


0:01 – Not even one second in and I see we’re already in for a whole bunch of robotic Israeli unloaded weapon horse stance bullshit. On and on with that until…

0:41 – *yawn* fake jostles while pushups are in progress.  That’s so 2014.  This jostler even threw in a few spanks.

1:48 – The *tshhhhhhh* *tshhhhh* sound effects are so on point.  I love it.

Am I the only one who feels like that unloaded gun + horse stance + robotic loading is all part of some elaborate joke I’m not in on?

1:53 – Maybe it’s good they don’t practice with one in the chamber if they are going to do bullshit like this.

2:19 – Whoa whoa whoa… gun to the head hey?  Yikes.  Cool training brAhs.

2:30 – Ok more gun to the head “training”.  WHOA and that one was loaded… damn.

2:39 – Annnnnnnd he loaded it and put it to that guy’s head.  This is getting more retarded with each passing second.

4:12 – We always see them with handguns doing that horse stance loading in videos, but for some reason I assumed they carried their rifles with one in the chamber.  I guess they don’t though LOL? *smh*

4:22 – Someone please explain to me what that costa-esque gun flip is about.  I especially don’t get it when they do it after double taps and aren’t even trying to create some inertia to eject the magazine quicker.

4:53 – OMG as if a loaded handgun to the head wasn’t bad enough.. they are doing loaded rifles to the spine now.  I’m done… done…

Idan-Abolnik-Krav-MagaIf you want to like Idan Abolnik’s facebook fanpage or say whats up, please do so.  Maybe if you’re lucky you can get training from him someday LOL.

I can’t wait to see some of the counter-trolling in the comments about how great these methods are.  Stupidity levels this high are extremely dangerous.

Thoughts?  Would train with?


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  1. Beardly Avatar

    Woke up, Started up ENDO, saw this shit, going back to sleep.

  2. I wish I’d been the guy counting his push-ups. Zero, zero, zero, zero (and so on). Push-ups move your whole body, not just your waist to your shoulders. That would be what my first squad leader called “neck ups”.

    1. lol, I got on here to comment this. He does pushups like my wife, and here, I’ve been telling her she is doing it wrong. I guess it was me the whole time. Clearly krav maga pushups are the most tactical way to do it.

    2. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

      My 6 yr old daughter has better form.

  3. Bro, what are you talkin about? This guy’s methods are great. Big boy rules. Geez… I’m starting to question your operational tier.

  4. Yallan Avatar

    Jews have been getting their ass kicked for millennia, they should be the last people you should seek to get self defense training from. That’s what makes the russian jew so dangerous, he’s russian, so you know he has balls, but his jewishness has trained him well in the art of losing, together a deadly combination, for the trainee that is.

    1. Wow, a little anti-semitism? I seem to recall that German-Jews were some of the highest decorated for valor in WWI. Also many Russian-Jews were tough fighters in WWII. Jews have been kicking butt in the middle east for over 50 years now.

    2. Basically the only reason Israel still exists is because they’re currently the ones doing the ass kicking.

    3. Basically the only reason Israel still exists is because they’re currently the ones doing the ass kicking.

      1. Sorry about the double post. Here let me tell you again in case you didn’t catch it the first two times: “Basically the…”

    4. Twat

      1. “Yallan” I meant, obviously!

  5. Don’t read history much, bro? The Jews kick the shit out of a bunch of Palestinians because they have American and British funding along with American equipment. The State of Israel exists because America and Britain DID what the Germans DID NOT – which is remove millions of Palestinians from their homes by bayonet point. The illegal (violation of Torah Law) State of Israel is nothing but a fucking police state. And no, I am not anti Semitic – I married a black Irish Jew.

    1. Oh and those countries like Syria and Egypt and Lebanon and Jordan and proxy fighting by other countries… Regardless of what you think about the current Palestine/Israel deal, they can fight. And sure it’s because they got funded by the U.S. and others, the point still stands. And somehow I question your last claim.

    2. achmed Avatar

      Wow – can you post picture of the black Irish Jew?

      1. jim bob Avatar

        I too want to gawk at Phil Lynottstein

      2. Yep, pix or it didn’t happen.

    3. I am quite up on my middle eastern history. The surrounding Arab nations get far more in aid than Israel. If you’ve ever been to Israel, you would know that they are far from apartheid or police state. Palestinians that choose to live there have every freedom that a Jew does.

      The whole exodus of Palestinians(there is no such thing, they are Arab not philistine) was a later invention. Even the most anti-Zionist newspapers at the time said that the exodus of Palestinians was by order of Palestinian leadership. It was a plan for international sympathy and it backfired. If you look at the UN resolution map, it is Jordan, not Israel, that occupies the majority of the land. What Israel does occupy was captured during war-time.

      I’m far from being Jewish, I’m German. I just hate how this has all been rewritten.

      1. @JeolC, I’m afraid you are a bit misinformed about the history there. You can read more from a Jewish perspective here:

        The Zionist movement, from the beginning, looked forward to a practically complete dispossession of the indigenous Arab population so that Israel could be a wholly Jewish state, or as much as was possible. Land bought by the Jewish National Fund was held in the name of the Jewish people and could never be sold or even leased back to Arabs (a situation which continues to the present). It is illegal for Israeli Arabs to own most land in Israel, non-Jews are barred by law from purchasing or leasing most properties (Jewish National Fund property, “state land,” and land under control of the Custodian of “Absentee” Property—i.e., stolen Arab land)

  6. CisGenderedWhiteMale Avatar

    Is there a reason for this robotic gun handling and for not carrying one in the chamber? I am to lazy to google that shit.

    1. I’m told that carrying on empty was a result of having a mix of issued handguns, one being the Browning Hi Power, and they made everyone carry empty so they didn’t shoot themselves with the Hi Power cocked and locked (The US Army did the same thing with the 1911–hammer down on empty chamber). The robot movements are from 2004 Chris Costa, and the horse stance is from 1970s FBI training.

      1. Thank you! I didn’t know where the horse stance started.

        From what I recall, the empty chamber carry is even older than the general issuing of high points. They were originally armed with surplus Nazi, Spanish, and civilian weapons. There were concerns on the safeties, lack thereof on some models, and it was a lot easier just to issue a general order. It has been continued because there have been cases of weapons being grabbed off soldiers on patrol and the fact that people not trained on them take slightly longer to load than the rest of the soldiers are able to react. They also carry their rifles like this. It also helps because when you are on patrol in Jerusalem, it only takes one accidental discharge to make the front page of international papers.

      2. CisGenderedWhiteMale Avatar

        Any idea why the keep it?

      3. Stitch1870 Avatar

        That’s still no excuse for terrible video quality, looks like a 2VetArms pseudo-Magpul Keymod rail so it’s at least somewhat recent.

  7. The Israelis are admirable fighters but with unconditional American support they have now basically set up an apartheid state, denying the Palestinians the very freedom they themselves have. Ever since ’47 onward it has been a tragedy and moral disaster, with blame going around everywhere.

  8. Gregory Avatar

    I get why they draw and rack like that, it’s because they can’t carry rd in chamber. Live ammo cqb training is retarded.

  9. FarmerJoe Avatar

    The derp is heavy with his one

  10. It warms my heart to see how progressive the training industry has become. Just 10 years ago, a guy with Tactical Tourettes wouldn’t have been allowed to even hold a gun.

  11. I’m glad to see Endo is attracting a more progressive thinking crowd and not just stupid liberals or right wing reactionaries

  12. Robert W. Avatar
    Robert W.

    Well, I’m guessing the rifle twist is some sort of failed chamber check after every double tap. Proper manual of arms would be to fire until trigger no worky, then turn your rifle over, do a visual check for either bolt lock back or malfunction of some type, then proceed to make gun gun ready to fire again. If you just automatically whip the rifle over without doing a visual check it is a wasted motion.

    And I say failed because he clearly runs empty after one of his double taps, whips over and back, moves to the next shooting position, and then has a dead trigger, where he then does a proper chamber check, sees bolt lock back, and reloads.

  13. SumDood Avatar

    So we’re supposed to believe that there is an organization somewhere that is so safety conscious that they don’t let their members carry weapons with one in the chamber, but at the same time is so nonchalant about safety that they’re cool with members pointing loaded guns at each other, and that THESE TWO BOZOS are mimicking that organization’s training? K.

  14. Jennifer Avatar

    You people are so toxic here, what kind of moron EVEN created thhis blog?You are such a smart ass, I would really advise you to go and say what you have been saying here directly to Idan’s face ( Idan is the best self defence trainer you can get, especially for the price he charges for his classess, he shows you what exactly might happen to you and if anything like this does happen to you – you know how to survive) and see how long you r gonna stay on your feet, I would say 2 seconds, not more!!!!!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Awesome, glad you feel you got your money’s worth. This blog is for people who can take a joke, and laugh at themselves. If you don’t see the humor and stupidity in the above video I feel bad for you Jennifer. Did Idan put a loaded gun to your head in class? Any video of this? I still can’t believe stuff like that goes on, when there are much safer alternatives.

      1. no, there are no real guns in classes, we use plastic guns and we are tought to survive when someone point us in the back, stomach or Head, his lessons are about trying to go down the scale of violence to get a chanse to go out of attack the most safely possible and in no way he teaches about being superheroes or guns loaded, that video was just a commercial. About the constantly checking gun issue we are tought that when the gun is not tours yo have to be sure its ready and loaded, fire and after you think you are safe check the gun to see if there’s no blocked or something so you are ready if another menace comes near, he doesnt teach only security personal, he teaches civilians top so he has to teach the way to make sure a gun you get from your attacker os ready before trying to defendí with it… sorry my bad english, hope it.makes sense to you.

  15. He has many years experience, you don’t. He has the credentials, you don’t. This is just speaking from ignorance.