Call These Guys Airharders Because They Ain’t Soft

They had 45 minutes with the “real steel” before mom finished watching dancing with the stars and made macaroni and cheese:

0:09 – We’re of to a decent start with some downrange camera work.  Looks like the cameraman is off to the side, standing on the berm and likely zoomed it… but still not something I would do.  Shooter is all up in that gun vise like a real G. Full camo, knee pads, helmut, vest, and all just wishin’ an operation he could operate it would pop off at any moment.

0:56 – Ooooh burn, tried to put the magazine upside down in the magwell.  Oh well whatevs.  Wait a minute though… is he just emptying rounds into the berm?  No targets at all?  Innnnnnnteresting.

1:32 – Well that whole sequence was semi-painful to witness

1:38 – Oh wheeee more berm shooting complete with derp scan at 1:51

1:55 – Cinder block shooting with another derp scan.

Airsoft-Airhard*shrug* whatever floats your boat I guess.  Everyday, I realize more and more that I need to invest in Ammunition manufacturing companies and cigarette companies.  There is just never going to be a shortage of people who will burn through both ammo and cigarettes by the look of it.

You can check out their airhard operations on their YouTube channel OP3.


Gat tip: no uno


13 responses to “Call These Guys Airharders Because They Ain’t Soft”

  1. I_operate_alone Avatar

    0/10….would not operate with

  2. :54 – one does not wear white shoes to the range.

  3. [Paragon] Avatar

    Apparently doesn’t know what the bolt release is for. But at least they got some Wendys.

    1. It’s very obvious that they don’t know how to run an AR.

  4. Bro-ham Avatar

    Are they starving operators now? Those blue targets had more mass then him. Use that dirty Mosin and stab a kebab or two, get some protein dammit!

  5. Rootbeer Joe Avatar
    Rootbeer Joe

    Oh another of these fucks, why they feel the need to put this shit up

    So when are you gonna put this up?

    Endo-Mikes thirst is bottomless, unlike her / mouthfarting

    1. Taylor TX Avatar
      Taylor TX

      That is a cheek weld I could get used to.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL nice thanks, I’ll put a post up for sure!

  6. Taylor TX Avatar
    Taylor TX

    The operational Mosins really never get old for me.

  7. 2wheels Avatar

    I’m not sure why it requires that much crap to play around at the range… And if I had that much money to spend on stupid gear, Mosins would be sooooo beneath me!

    1. Parents buy em cheap fake chinese made airsoft gear so they can look like call of duty, surely their whole outfit is the worth of the mosin.

  8. Most of the guys at my range are like that on a GOOD day.

  9. Robert W. Avatar
    Robert W.

    Someone needs to teach that chump how to work a bolt.