Arnold Being A Shit Disturber As The Terminator For Chairty

Arnold went out in Hollywood with Terminator makeup on and messed with some people:

Terminator-Genisys-Arnoldhahaha that’s really awesome.   haha shots fired at 3:00 – “Who’s this girl?  Does anyone know?”

Terminator Genisys does look pretty awesome, despite the name sounding like a paleo lesbian who owns a Yoga studio and complains constantly about GMO’s.



6 responses to “Arnold Being A Shit Disturber As The Terminator For Chairty”

  1. The Uma Thurman statue…..yeah. i would do horrible, godless things. The baby Jesus would weep.

    Why couldn’t SHE be real instead of 77 year old Arnold Brownswagger?

    1. Well if anyone needs me, I’ll be listening to “Nothing is going to stop us now” by Starship

  2. uses guns in EVERY movie he does ……

    supports the Brady bill
    supports the assault weapons ban
    supports closing down gun shows
    claims he supports the second amendment .. gets elected and claims hes “for gun control and a peaceful guy”

    1. Kestrelbike Avatar

      Haha don’t forget owns a tank.

  3. John Fritz Avatar
    John Fritz

    1:03 gold.

  4. lol at the genisys joke.