ISIS Lights Up And Pours Out

Actually lighting cigarettes and liquor / pouring liquor out in Syria. A video from last April:

1:16 – Argh, I was hoping that entire pile would explode, and that ISIS member would catch on fire after all that alcohol they poured on top.

come-thru-its-litI wonder if Aazad and Youcef hit the homies with the mass message like, “come thru, it’s lit”?  In Arabic: “تأتي من خلال ، هو مضاء” LOL I should put that on a shirt.  It has a nice ring to it when you hit the speaker in google translate and the Arabic robot says is.

In my opinion they should have just invited some girls and thrown a party.  ISIS doesn’t get down like that though.  They basically do the opposite of anything I think is cool or sane.

I feel so privileged seeing what a terrible life people have in places like Syria.  So many cool people there I bet, and they have to live in such shitty / oppressive conditions.  I bet they don’t even have Tinder there!  Outrageous… I’m outraged.


Gat tip: Chris


11 responses to “ISIS Lights Up And Pours Out”

  1. the burning of the cigarettes -ok but the SCOTCH –you know this means WAR!!!

    you do not waste good booze!!!

  2. I don’t understand how VICE can keep setting foot on ISIS territory and not get killed. You would think ISIS would be able to smell their Patchouli-laced hipster irony from miles away. They must figure they help more than harm, because we do know that ISIS is all up on media relations…

    I know any fermented beverage is forbidden in the Koran(at least until you get to paradise, then there are no prohibitions), but I don’t get the cigarettes. Historically, whole asian steppe tribes picked between Christianity and Islam, based off if they preferred liquor(Christianity) or tobacco/hashish(Islam).

    Maybe this is a trap to locate all the smoking addicts in town. Deprive them of cigarettes for a month and then light them up in the middle of town and see who tries to gather around and stand in the smoke?

    Lastly, I will never be able to look at that picture and not see a young mattv2099.

    1. Vitsaus Avatar

      I stopped wondering how they get to hang out in these areas a long time ago. They’ve been caught hiring hollywood actors, etc… its staged and heavily edited. Sort of a cross between Michael Moore and Andy Warhol.

      1. Hey man, I can’t find anything about them staging stuff apart from that horrible disaster “every woman”, got any links?

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I think with most of these VICE videos regarding ISIS there is probably just a corespondent there who probably works with or for ISIS. Either that or they might just buy the footage for these short clips.

    3. yallan Avatar

      They have arab muslims with tactical beards in their employment too.

  3. Why is Matt’s picture included here? Because they are trying to copy his thing?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  4. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    These fools have more in common with fundamentalist Christians, Westboro Baptist Church followers, elected politician and PETA true believers than they would care to admit. They all share the same common core belief; we know better than you do, we are smarter than you because of it, and we will force our way on you if we have to. Can’t motherfuckers just live and let live? The 2nd amendment is useful when idiots forget that. No, I will not participate in your game. Your turn.

    Just as an aside, I’d be down with Sharia Law if MattV2099 was out there enforcing it.

  5. xPressureDropx Avatar

    I feel like ISIS played earth crisis – firestorm while doing this.

  6. FarmerJoe Avatar

    No self respecting human being would smoke their funky Haji shit sticks, or drink their bathtub Scotch. A shame a few of them didn’t catch fire