Front Under Barrel Slide Cocking Maneuver

Not only was the shooter slow with this method.. but I also just don’t like it.  What’s wrong with sling shotting the slide?:

Additionally… was this some sort of drill with a dud round?  Did he have an FTF?  I’m asking this because I’m wondering why the pistol didn’t go into slide-lock when he fired the previous round.  Is it something I’m too low speed to understand?

Cue the comment: “Ya Mike what do you know anyway?  Do you even IDPA?  Plenty of guys use this method, nothing to see here move along.”

Me: “Whatever brah.  Lets blade.”

Stand-by-me-19110:02 – DAT FLINCH.  ahhhhhhh.

I don’t know what kind of Gucci 1911 that is, but judging by the finish on it and the excessive serrations I bet it’s the price of a lightly used FIAT.


P.S. – Jet fuel can’t melt beams. 2Pac lives.  Beyonce is illuminati.  Browning did 1911.

Gat tip: TFB & TTAG where there are some ridiculous comments.


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  1. CisGenderedWhiteMale Avatar

    I dont really judge the techniques people use when shooting as long as it works for them. I dont care about proper stance, proper grip, proper whatever. Do you hit the target and finish first in your competition while holding the gun upside down and farting while you release the slide lock with your pinky? By all means, keep doing it.

    Especially since thes guys in the video didnt claim anything ridiculous like those Israeli guys who claim shit like “To be an israelian operator you have to operate your gun this way. The science behind it is *insert buzzwords*. They just do it their way, might be inferior to other techniques, might be not.

  2. Yes, well, the one club I visit for IDPA had an incident last summer when a round went off in the shooter’s hand. The shooter had just finished the stage and was given the unload and show clear command when he covered the ejection port with his hand, to catch the round, when the slide slipped forward and the ejector hit the primer causing out an out of battery detonation. While he wasn’t hurt seriously, his hand was bleeding and now the club requires a show clear with the slide locked and the round hitting the ground.

    This guy is kind of typical of the guy who shows up with a single stack 1911 to shoot falling steel where there will be 30 targets per stage and he has to reload 5 times before clearing the rack. Winning is less important than staying true to the stopping power of a .45 and a custom gun that fails too often.

    tl;dr get a Glock and let the rounds hit the ground.

  3. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

    That’s an Infinity 2011.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Fancy! Thanks for the link.

  4. Laughingdog Avatar

    Most people shooting Limited or Open in USPSA have followers on their mags that won’t engage the slide lock. I know there’s some reason they do that. But since I shoot Production, I can rarely remember what it is.

    1. Bruh Bruh Avatar
      Bruh Bruh

      That didnt make sence to me so i looked it up – often when using Extendos you can get premature slide lock causing a problem when time is a factor. They detent the slide lock, or trim the follower, so this can never happen. They also said its done when shooting competition because its slower to hit the slide lock then change mags before dry.

      Like cisgender said, i normally dont judge technique unless i believe its seriously flawed such as this one. Even if speed isnt a factor, there is almost no way for me to fully rack my G19 slide in this manner. Its under for press check, over for charging. But to each their own…

      1. mitori Avatar

        The technique is not flawed, it just doesn’t apply to why you own a pistol. Not every gun is explicitly for defensive purposes.

        USPSA shooters never go to slide lock, they do in battery reloads while moving between targets.

  5. Taylor TX Avatar
    Taylor TX

    Yes, there were quite a few ridiculous comments on both sites. Bottom line, its your hand do with it what you will :)

  6. Beardly Avatar

    That is a SVI 1911/2011 of some sorts. Spoted by the mobius cut on the grips – souce, I own one, ordering another soon :p

    1. Beardly Avatar

      God damnit, already posted, that is what you get for being drunk at 9 in the morning on midsummers viking day!

      1. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

        It happens.

      2. ENDO-Mike Avatar