Jim Huish Is Really Beating To Death This Guns As Percussion Thing


0:08 – OMG no one has even started singing yet and girl is having a tea party with that grip.

0:13 – Oh lawd… this is going to be a long 2.5 minutes… so in between shooting and going back to teacup grip WITH HER SEMI AUTO BERETTA, she’s racking the slide to eject a perfectly good round.  Cool story babe.

0:25 – AAHHHhhhh she’s doing the same thing with the AR-15 now too.  Ok, to stop myself from getting even more mad I’m just going to say it was for the sake of percussion.

0:36 – Breathe Mike… breathe… It’s only a song…. breathe…

0:44 – Meh… would right swipe.  Might re-consider later and hit her with the “unmatch” though over some minor shit because I’m picky like that.

Please tell me they picked up all those perfectly good ejected live rounds.

If you missed the two other Jim Huish tracks, there is the Cup Song and Uptown Funk.


You know what… I’ll take this over that Aussie joker Steve Lee any day though.  That dude needs to apologize to music and sound in general.

I googled the original Kelly Clarkson song, and my first thought was “What happened to her, she’s like 400 lbs now?”.  Then I thought I might have been mistaken, that maybe she was always on the rotund side so naturally I did some google images research… Nope, I was right she used to be skinny back in the American Idol days.  That’s where my research ended though.  If one of you guys drops some knowledge on me in the comments like “Uh Mike, she has some rare disease so she can’t help it you shithead”, then I feed bad / apologize in advance.



16 responses to “Jim Huish Is Really Beating To Death This Guns As Percussion Thing”

  1. Fake. The gunshot sounds were added in post.

  2. Philip Avatar

    Mike, I believe she just recently had a baby. That does weird stuff to a woman’s body. Or at least that’s what the wife2000 says.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Ah ok thanks. Yea I can imagine a lot of things happen during and after a baby.

  3. AJ187 Avatar

    She did go through a pretty significant weight change due to the baby. I’m sure the stress of all the crap hollyweird puts you through as well. Guys will just have go on somehow now that she’s not spank bank materiel. We can do it!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


    2. I’d still hit that twice:)

      1. Gizmo Avatar


  4. Disco Avatar

    There’s no such thing as a baby making you morbid obese. You can still move your big ass from time to time and not just stuff your face all the live long day.

    SOURCE: Four women who had children under 30 and look normal.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea true… seems like if being fit is priority, then it doesn’t happen.

  5. Bruh Bruh Avatar
    Bruh Bruh

    I believe she is doing that as a different percussion sound. He had done that in the cup song. Plus he does it his first round, she started unchambered.

    Uptown funk was horrid, at least it seems like they tried this time.

  6. Andy Wolf Avatar
    Andy Wolf

    Be nice to Steve Lee

  7. jim bob Avatar
    jim bob

    I believe Miss Clarkson suffers from the dreaded disease, Toomuchbuffet. The only known cure is table push aways, and fork put downs.

  8. KimJong_Dyl_an Avatar

    Surprised no one got capped with all the fingers on triggers while racking slides.

  9. Yallan Avatar

    She got married, mystery solved.

    1. Disco Avatar

      Yeah women do just tend to give up. Then wonder why guys go bang a tight little 22 year old.

      That ‘Dear future husband’ song exemplifies this.

      I’ll continue my Steve Dallas lifestyle thanks

  10. achmed Avatar

    wtf is this retardation?