Drunk Pakistani Uncle Ain’t Bout Those Four Rules

Oh hellllll no:

Yikes… two people he flagged.  It’s a miracle no one died…. basically went right in between those kids.

Pakistan-Negligent-Discharge-FirearmI don’t actually know if the guy with the gun is actually their uncle, or if he’s even drunk.  At least if he was drunk he’d have a bit of an excuse for his negligence.

I love how the one kid in the black sticks around after that all went down, and the guy is still manipulating the rifle without a care in the world.  *smh*



11 responses to “Drunk Pakistani Uncle Ain’t Bout Those Four Rules”

  1. I don’t what those people to practice the four rules. Let them ND into each other.

    1. Seconded.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  2. JoelC Avatar

    Clearly life isn’t much of a concern on his part. After it goes off, he is still more concerned about the gun than checking the kids for injuries.

  3. dude has a 4x scope and solid stock on an ak thats only like 10 inches long. clearly a firearms expert, and a marksman whos an expert with his weapon.

  4. Big pete Avatar
    Big pete

    Probably muslim, therefore probably not drunk. Is any one really shocked to discover that firearm safety doesn’t exist in parts of the world where basic sanitation does not exist?!

  5. TheBear Avatar

    Being drunk is not an excuse for negligence.

  6. Doyletoo Avatar

    Clearly from many videos of the Middle East area some cultures are very cavalier about guns to this day. FCelebratory firing into the sky etc. while they don’t have a “lock” on this, it seems to be a cultural thing

  7. KimJong_Dyl_an Avatar

    Looks like one of those little airsoft machine guns.

  8. I recently had a talk with a good friend of mine who is middle of the road on gun politics. But he had a shit experience with some asshole who IS a gun guy. The dude f&$@ing pointed an unloaded gun at my buddies head and pulled the trigger. Stupid a-holes with guns, man. They ruin it for the rest of us. I used to talk about taking my friend shooting and now he won’t entertain the thought.