Wired Makes A Scary Ghost Gun

The “ghost gun” nomenclature needs to go, because it sounds lame:

  1. Drill press – messed that up almost immediately because he was being mad reckless with the drilling.
  2. 3d printer – Cut himself removing support material, and it looked like a peice of shit in general.
  3. Ghost Gunner from Defense Distributed – Looked good and ended up being the only usable one.

So dramatic he turned the three of them over to the San Francisco police at the end, rather than just taking the drill press and drilling some more holes through them or cutting them in half or something.  That would have been so funny if just to troll, he said “I drilled a 3rd hole in the receiver here to render it useless”, but actually drilled the auto hole haha.

Defense-Distributed-Ghost-Gunner-CNCYou can read a story about this over at Wired, but it’s basically a more long winded version of this video.



35 responses to “Wired Makes A Scary Ghost Gun”

  1. Gizmo Avatar

    Seriously, he could’ve just took a sledge hammer to them and been done with it.

    1. hextone Avatar

      Hahaha he turned them over to the police dept. WTF?

      1. Gizmo Avatar

        Or even the qualified gunsmith he went to. So long as he wasn’t selling them to him it would’ve been fine and dandy. Tell HIM to destroy them. Or better yet have him destroy them ON CAMERA. No doubt that they destroyed a “questionable to them” item.

      2. triggernoob Avatar

        Maybe he wanted a $50 gift card as part of a gun buyback program….I’ll give you two piles of shit for $100 bucks. Sounds legit.

  2. Really,do these hipsters sit to pee? WTF!

    1. triggernoob Avatar

      Crusader to show the world the flaws in the Constitution and the Laws.

      1. I don’t know about that.
        Honestly, since he’s got his name and face out in public, I think he’s just playing it safe. I’d’ve done the same thing.
        Frankly, the last bit about a thousand being sold and even more ‘ghost guns,’ sounded like a sales pitch to me. Maybe just because I want to buy one and lease it out for pocket change to all you fine people. ;)

  3. OMG PLEASE do not fall into the trap of looking at the scared lib children in the youtube comments. lol.
    Makes my blood boil.

  4. CisGenderedWhiteMale Avatar

    “The government can not trace this gun.”

    Because this has worked so well.

    So whats next? Outlawing milling machines and 80% receivers? What about 79% receivers? Last I checked they even sold 0% receivers. Will someone please think of the children? Blocks of metal are potentially killing people, can we outlaw them already?

  5. Disco Avatar

    See….I remember when Weird magazine, Popular Mechanics and such did positive gun stories.

    Ultimately boiling down to “Man you gotta get you some of this!”

    I don’t know how or why these prissy, foppish dandies think disarmament or “background checks” does anything.

    Leroy gets his baby momma to buy a gun or he steals it. Not just from normal people.
    Fun Fact: Most police cars don’t have car alarms.

    They’ll break into take home cars that officers use. Many still unrecovered MP5s and shotguns out there all thanks to stuff like that.

    What keeps terrorists away and what keeps ‘civil unrest’ confined to urban, draconian cities is that in most of Free America there WILL ALWAYS BE a man with a gun behind every door and every bush and on every rooftop.

    1. PopSci had an article on the Kris Vector at one point that was 1 and a half pages long and went into insane levels of detail. It even had a diagram.

      I suspect part of the reason you see such a shift is because a lot of their writing is probably freelance.

  6. Kestrelbike Avatar

    Wired have been hand-wringing, anti-gun, ad-flooded pussies for a while now.

    1. Wired started in 1994 in California. Feinstein-land during the AWB. You can’t get any more anti-gun than that. I’m shocked the author wasn’t arrested.

  7. Johnobigstick Avatar

    1) He cut his finger with a butter knife. The butter knife had no serial # thus….”a ghost knife”
    2)Are they wanting us to be fearful of expensive milling machine and programs “ghost power equipment” ?
    3) much easier for CRIMINALS to do criminal activity such as stealing firearms and then filing serial numbers off using their “ghost dremel tools”

    idiots and fear mongers!

  8. AJ187 Avatar

    Only caught the ending. What a stupid, pretentious video.

    1. triggernoob Avatar

      It wasn’t a commercial at the superbowl…you can watch it in it’s entirety, here.

  9. Taylor TX Avatar
    Taylor TX

    Better watch our or someones gonna get him with a ghost blade or a ghost hammer. Fucking hipsters pretending they know shit about shit, its too early for this, I hath not ingested coffee yet.

  10. Was he in CA shooting an AR with collapsible stock and muzzle brake and pistol grip and 30 round mag and a thing that goes up? I don’t know much about commie Cali law but I thought they had rules against this stuff.

    1. Logezzzzzbro Avatar

      Only thing would be the 30 round mag. You can have a collapsible stock, forward grip and/or muzzle brake. But CA is still awful and if your gun has a collapsible stock, or forward grip, or pistol grip, etc. you have to have a “bullet button” aka a stupid shroud around the mag release to drastically slow your reloading process. =[

    2. KestrelBike Avatar

      It appears to be just a 10/30rd magazine, where a follower-stop has been installed to only allow 10rds, and it’s “permanently” modified with a rivet or something so you can’t disassemble the magazine and reassemble it to be full capacity. It also looks like he has a bullet-button installed, so yeah, appears that it’s legit for CA.

      1. Got it. Thanks for the insight guys.

      2. Squirreltactical Avatar

        I’ve taken apart a Hexmag 10/30 and it has no rivet. You could build it into a standard cap mag of you wanted. Not sure about other brands.

  11. GrampsGuns Avatar

    Tito, I wondered that too.
    Pretty sure that as pictured this ain’t Cali compliant.
    They did this in and around San Francisco, so it’s quite likely they committed a few other felonies in the process of knotting their panties here.

    I cut them a little slack on turning the receivers into the PD, as I found it an interesting exercise.
    I wouldn’t do it, but I found it entertaining.

    1. My questions exactly. I didn’t really watch the video too closely but i read the article. I have a sneaking suspicion the Hexmag may have not been California-compliant.

      Even if it wasn’t, it does reflect how most people think the CA laws are bullshit. Even the cops looked at the author like he was a moron for wasting their time with the unserialized lowers.

  12. GuruOGuns Avatar

    Had to turn in the contraband gun receivers to the PD for proper disposal, drama queens. They missed the point that if you are prohibited from owning firearms, say you are a convicted felon, you can’t build you own firearm without breaking the law. I predict the whole 80 percent AR thing will run it’s course without any legal intervention. It may damage the rest of the build it yourself community of hobby gunsmiths thou.

    It’s more expensive to build, if you don’t mark it you leave yourself open to being hassled by the law when some nancy calls the law after seeing your non serialized machine gun at the public range. Plus the problem flying with one, although legal I can imagine a little harder to sell unless you want to go sketchy. When you get down to it..just a novelty really. When you can buy a already machined serialized lower for $35 it’s pretty hard to justify.

  13. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

    Because all the criminals these days are buying expensive milling machines & 80% lowers versus stealing their guns like they have in the past………………………….

    1. Sure. Dontcha remember? According to CA, even the Barrett light-fifty is also the preferred weapon of criminals.

      1. Squirreltactical Avatar

        AKA the most inexpensive, concealable weapon known to man.

  14. Stan Darsh Avatar
    Stan Darsh

    Was this done/filmed before 2015? On January 2, 2015 the BATFE’s “ATF Ruling 2015-1” went into effect, meaning the machine shop he used to try to finish the first 80% reciever would have to have an FFL now to legally allow people to use the shop’s equipment on firearms. The ruling also covers his buddy’s 3-D printer he tried for the second one.

    1. He didn’t use a machine shop, he rented a drill press from a tool rental shop and had it brought to the loading dock of his building.

  15. Tiny anarchic rifle factory, lol!

    1. Right? It makes me want to buy one!

  16. Aaron Lewis Avatar
    Aaron Lewis

    I guess this was supposed to be “anti-ghost gun,” but the last bit about “anarchic ghost gun factories” and the “more ghost guns to come” gave me a chubby.

  17. John Fritz Avatar
    John Fritz

    That whole vid was pretty cringe-worthy. Thanks HDBs!

    But watching the few shots of how he shouldered that finished rifle while he was firing … explains it all.

  18. Am I the only commenter that thinks Andy is on our side? This piece is showing the average person that gun laws are irrelevant; it’s probably not meant for the crusties commenting here… great article, great video. Congrats, Andy!