Double Barrel 1911s Doubled Up


Jerry-Miculek-Double-Barrel-1911sHoly that slow motion footage is incredible.

Jerry doesn’t usually talk shit about products, so I’m curious if he ended up having issues with the gun like Andrew from GY6 did, but just didn’t say?



5 responses to “Double Barrel 1911s Doubled Up”

  1. JoelC Avatar

    I had to go back and watch the GY6 review to see what issues he had. Maybe they put a stronger locktite on everything now?

    I don’t get why one trigger pull firing 2 bullets isn’t in the same ATF category as a burst mode. The hammers are linked so they are unable to fire individually.

    1. Denver Chris Avatar
      Denver Chris

      IANAL, but I think the key difference is that there are two triggers. For it to be a machine gun, it must fire more than one round per trigger pulled. This technically fires only one round per each trigger pulled. If the gun only had a single trigger firing both barrels, it would be a machine gun.

    2. Denver Chris Avatar
      Denver Chris

      Also, I bet it would fire if you only loaded one magazine/chamber, regardless of the double hammer. Would it cycle? Definitely not.

    3. Quint Avatar

      I think it has to do with the barrels. The fact that it only fires 1 bullet per trigger pull per barrel is what makes it legal.

      1. JoelC Avatar

        It doesn’t though. If you re-watch either video, both Jerry and GY6 say that either trigger releases the hammer, and both hammer spurs are joined so they both fire.