Shooting Your Friend In The Arm Performance Art

Vintage derp from 1971:

Full Story – NYT

They should have used something impressive like .50 BMG from a greater distance, not .22 LR from 5 yards away.  haha and even at that distance this so called “marksman” put it through his actual arm, and didn’t just skim him as originally planned.  That would be hilarious if he actually shot more meat on purpose.

The cool thing about “art” is that if you have enough friends who help you blow smoke up everyone’s ass, and you can make the right connections in galleries and what not, then you’ll probably do alright despite your actual talent or ability to make the world a better place.  There are plenty of examples of this at your local art gallery.

Sons-Of-Guns-Stephanie-Hayden-DerpIt’s funny what passes as edgy in 1971.. or even as “art” in general.  Just goes to show that the definition or art is so loose.

Thoughts?  Did you guys make any “art” this past long weekend?  Note that could mean anything from shooting tannerite, to plinking at some rotten fruit.


8 responses to “Shooting Your Friend In The Arm Performance Art”

  1. Never go full retard.

  2. Irrelevant Avatar

    Shoothouse Puzikas is a great artist!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  3. achmed Avatar

    Boy, they were pretentious idiots then!

    Now they are just old pretentious idiots.

    Ah, the sixties – let’s do our best to forget about it ASAP.

  4. Critter Avatar

    don’t eat the brown acid.

  5. Kind of makes sense. Hasn’t the eh, raw, tangible value of a Hiram Powers sculpture, but its not something I look at and think “I could do that.” like stuff by whats his name that did the Sticky Fingers album cover.

    Still, I look at it with a jaundiced eye, having seen the Tex Grebner video.

  6. Too bad it didn’t hit that piece of shit in the brachial artery…dumb fuck

  7. PUNKMAFUKA Avatar

    Would not operate with.