How To Hang Dong While Carrying A Gun Police Tutorial

Jimmy Kimmel got a hold of a exclusive video:

Police-forget-gun-bathroomMeh, mildly funny but predictable.  Seemed like they needed something to fill time.

Police do seem to have a problem forgetting their guns in bathrooms from time to time though.  I just quit talking about stories like that because they aren’t at all interesting.


4 responses to “How To Hang Dong While Carrying A Gun Police Tutorial”

  1. Anonymoose Avatar

    This is a serious problem in a lot of places.

  2. triggernoob Avatar

    I think mildly funny is too generous of a description.

  3. 2wheels Avatar

    Yeah not the funniest video ever… I suspect cops can sometimes get so used to just having their gun on them that they take it for granted. After all it is just another piece of required equipment to many of them, not that that’s an excuse… But maybe a partial explanation.

  4. As well as the unacceptable handling of firearms, shaking hands with another man at a urinal made this extra-creepy.