Action Figure Therapy Silencer Marketing

They worked with Advance Armament Company and I REALLY expected more:

Here are five more videos which also aren’t even worth watching:

Action-Figure-Therapy-MarineI’m not really sure why they would release six videos all on the same day, and barely even try to make them funny.

Is this the state of AAC marketing?  Just throw some money and someone and be like “meh just get the figures to read some lists in their voices and call it a day.”  Their marketing was so good back in the day people were tattooing that Affliction style logo on their body.



5 responses to “Action Figure Therapy Silencer Marketing”

  1. Code3Patriot Avatar

    If you compare AAC to other players (SiCo, SureFire, Dead Air, Griffin, Rugged, Liberty, SIG, etc.) they are lagging big time. They were cutting edge back in the day but now they’re a just a shell of what they once were. I’ve read that they’ve seen the writing on the wall and have acknowledged they need to turn things around – if this is the start of that then I’m not optimistic.

  2. derpmaster Avatar

    AFT jumped the shark like three years ago. The old videos are classic internet gold though.

  3. xPressureDropx Avatar

    ……like I knew about AFT before it was cool….

  4. viperbo21 Avatar

    AAC dropped off the quality map years ago. I remember that get a free can with a tat thing. Wish I was 21 then. Innovation and continuous improvement are what keeps companies in the black. This is why silencerco is superior to all other manufacturers.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      Haven’t you heard? Silencer Co. is just a marketing company ;)