Arsenal Firearms 2011A1 Double Barrel 1911 Review

GY6vids keeps it thorough:

Double-Barrel-1911-2This is something worth watching due to how unique the gun is.  I never normally post reviews because most of the time, no one reviews anything new that I find even remotely interesting.  I half expected to stop watching this one after a few minutes, but Andrew does a great job keeping the viewers attention.

The gun definitely has flaws.  Before 500 rounds even both sights fell off… the beavertail grip safety cut his hand up.. that’s about it.  Shitty that happened, I still kind of want one just to have one though.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?


3 responses to “Arsenal Firearms 2011A1 Double Barrel 1911 Review”

  1. 44MAG Avatar

    I like to try that out on a pin match…:D

  2. TheBear Avatar

    This break in period looks brutal and the pistol itself does not look fun to shoot. I think the innovation is interesting but if what is basically a range toy is not fun to shoot… I don’t see the point to a weapon that doesn’t have a point.

  3. Safetyfirst Avatar

    better? Dude,
    this, it’s like, a DOUBLE guitar….