Letting The Anti-Gun People Make The Rules

They are flipping it on us with this one:

This is a classic move.  You watch the video, which is all safety related and they make you feel like if you disagree with any of it you must be a monster-trash-piece of a human being who hopes kids accidentally find guns and teens commit suicide with them.

From the Be Smart for Kids website:

Every year, at least 100 children age 17 and under die in unintentional shootings, and over 400 die by suicide with a gun. Many of these deaths are entirely preventable with responsible gun storage. We know we can keep our kids safer by introducing these five easy steps to parenting and everyday life:

S – Secure guns in homes and vehicles.
M – Model responsible behavior.
A – Ask about unsecured guns in other homes.
R – Recognize the risks of teen suicide.
T – Tell your peers to be SMART.

Please do not take this as callousness, but did anyone else think that 400 a year for teen gun suicides seemed quite low?  I just would have though it would have been higher.  Yes I think it’s a terrible waste of potential, devastating and selfish when even one person commits suicide, but I’d be willing to bet more than 400 teens die per year accidentally from hundreds of other things which no one is making videos about and throwing millions of dollars at with “grassroots (but not) effort”.

sabrina-promoKnowing what I know now I’d definitely left swipe Melissa.  Before though I always thought she had the “cool mom” look going on.  Now she has a bit of a “get money gut” under that flowy shirt and roots… plaGH, WOULDN’T.  She should have just kept cashing those Melissa & Joey checks while living off Sabrina The Teenage Witch residuals, and kept her beak closed on the gun issue.

Thoughts?  You happy with having your guns and ammo separated plus locked up in a safe, for the children?


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  1. Safetyfirst Avatar

    Perhaps this woman can have her say without being reduced to a frat boy “dude I so wouldn’t” object, like the only important thing is how she looks.

    Sexism is so last decade man.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      First off I really appreciate that you follow the blog, and your participation on it. Secondly I see you have a history of not liking tongue in cheek jokes about women ( https://www.everydaynodaysoff.com/2014/11/27/jane-brown-keller-well-within-tinder-right-swipe-territory/comment-page-1/#comment-1275638 ) which is fine of course, but if you think that continuing to comment about it will have any impact on what I think is funny to say on here you’re wrong. Obviously your sense of humor doesn’t mesh with mine on that particular type of joke. Hopefully you still get some laughs at most of the other humor in the posts day to day.

      1. jim bob Avatar
        jim bob


        Mike: My jimmies remain unrustled. chubby chicks gonna chubby.

    2. Kestrelbike Avatar

      Why don’t you also complain when the men are also objectified on this site for humor? It may not be sexual, but it’s still done to the same extent, and it’s just as harmless (hint: because it’s HUMOR) I’m not buying that anything endo does is malicious, sorry. But I am sick of this liberal pc bullshit where women are no longer to be seen as anything but pure professional colleagues. Get off your fucking white horse.

    3. Heffer Hauler Avatar
      Heffer Hauler

      You sound fat.

      1. Raisedby_dogs Avatar


  2. Safetyfirst Avatar

    Hey mike.

    I do enjoy the blog yes.

    Is just that tongue in cheek jokes about woman like this are exactly the kind of thing women don’t want, go ask some women about our discussion, see what they say.

    It’s the day to day comments and opinions that count when it comes to equality and attitude towards women.

    With all these female shooters about too, it might be worth another think.

    Cheers mike.

    1. Kestrelbike Avatar

      Pure gender wymyns study 101 garbage bullshit.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Lucky women aren’t my main demographic then I guess. I’d be willing to be a lot of them would find what I say funny anyway… yea maybe some wouldn’t, but I get the same thing from guys. Some of them don’t get the sense of humor and some do… can’t win them all.

  3. Safetyfirst Avatar

    I don’t complain about the men being objectified because that’s not currently a problem 50% of society faces every day.

    Thanks for the ignorance and swearing though.

    I’ll duck out of this now, I like this blog, it’s funny as hell, but I’m starting to come over like some kind of dick who thinks he knows everything about women.

    Whilst I’m away coiffuring my liberal haircut into a pair of sandals, maybe go read some women’s studies literature, take a quick glance the other side of the coin.

    There. That should do it. ;)

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        haha “Your privilege level is SHITLORD with a score of 205″… man that “trigger warnings” video was hard to watch, so much derp.

      2. Safetyfirst Avatar

        Just so you know, I scored:

        Your privilege level is SHITLORD with a score of 140

        And thanks for your right wing propaganda links, always worth a good chuckle…

        1. derpmaster Avatar

          hahaha I got a 195. I consider that winning at life.

    1. Davan Avatar

      Most women don’t know what they want, much like yourself. But you do seem to share the same reproductive organs

    2. Donte'sReek Avatar

      “I don’t complain about the men being objectified because that’s not currently a problem 50% of society faces every day.”


  4. Disco Avatar

    Man….I used to like Sabrina and MJH. She got around in some raunchy outfits at times. 90s wack off queen she was.

    See…if she was in Moms Demand Bolt Actions or Moms Demand Double Actions…I’d forgive her aging face and frumpy gut. But now I just feel betrayed.

    I wish they would read Day of Wrath by William Forstchen. Even more eerie after Garland Texas.

    YOU demand a plan when terrorists attack.

  5. Dayum Girl Avatar
    Dayum Girl

    Why doesn’t she use some of that witch power to lost all that fat?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha zinggggg

  6. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    That statistic is only relevant in a vacuum. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the facts on the ground, not make-believe la-la land bullshine:

    Top 10 causes of death: http://www.cdc.gov/injury/images/lc-charts/leading_causes_of_death_by_age_group_2013-a.gif

    Unintentional injuries leads the way, so let’s delve into that further: http://www.cdc.gov/injury/wisqars/pdf/leading_causes_of_injury_deaths_highlighting_unintentional_injury_2013-a.pdf

    When you put things into the proper perspective, it turns out that firearms are quite safe compared to motor vehicles, pools and bathtubs, fire, plastic bags, and almost everything else under the sun. Unintentional firearms deaths only made accounted for 39 total deaths in all of the top 10 categories. 39!!!!!! Heart disease kills more children by a factor of 10 every year.

    The reason we firearm owners get pissed off about these campaigns is that they are nothing more than ridiculous propaganda. Are the deaths tragic? Sure. But given the numbers, it is crystal clear that unlocked firearms are not a real problem. Therefore, anyone who pushes this huge stinking pile of crap is either pushing an agenda that I want no part of, or they are a useful idiot that carry the water for those who harbor the agenda (see Samantha the witch up there).

  7. derpmaster Avatar

    Oh look, another D-list celebrity “demanding action” on something in an attempt to regain relevance. Yawn.

    I wonder how much she got paid for this.

  8. WangChung Avatar

    ya man call erry one you know. ask them if they have guns. cuz the NSA databases haven’t quite got everyone catalogged yet n shit. nawmean?

    always keep ammo away from guns! derker der!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Word. P.S. Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams *mic drop*

  9. Vitsaus Avatar

    The left is always smarter than us on propaganda. As has been pointed out, they beat us to this. We are so afraid of looking like we are manipulating that we miss the fact that manipulation is what works. Perfect example: Encourage gun ownership among women in the wake of the recent domestic violence scandals. The NRA or most other gun rights groups won’t touch it, so instead, anti-gun organizations turn it perversely around and instead of saying “women, arm yourselves” they say “women will only be safe if everyone is disarmed.”

  10. NotoriousAPP Avatar

    She looks like she would be good for ass to mouth in a mid quality porn.

  11. HouHef45 Avatar

    How long before the NRA has Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Bruce Willie dropping ads about how much SMART-er it is to have firearms. I’m tired of B level actors imparting their morals on my second amendment. Gimme some A-list talent with a side of freedom.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I wish! Something tells me Brad/Angelina are too smart to really polarize themselves on something so controversial, especially since they likely have a lot of anti-gun friends in Hollywood.

  12. Bruh Bruh Avatar
    Bruh Bruh

    400 lives seems low? Thats huge! Every life matters Mike! Well, every life taken with a gun. The other half (overdose, hanging, other) dont matter as much to groups like this. And interesting point, half of all suicides are guns. So only 800 ‘teen suicides’ per year?!? Something seems off. From a little more digging i see theres around 1500 (afsp) – 4600 (cdc) deaths a yearfor 14-24 age group. So im confused because if this is a scare tactic video why wouldnt you use the highest numbers you can instead of dumbing it down? And firearm deaths go from 50%(afsp)-45%(cdc) with suffocation going from 24.5%(afsp) – 40% (cdc). Ethnicity had a factor too – Native Alaskians and Native Americans had the highest rate. So this kind of opened my eyes to while guns are a convenince and have high death rates, theres MUCH more going on and taking guns away will only have them resort to poisioning, suffocation, or overdose – not prevent the suicide.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Interesting on the low/wrong death figure. I agree it’s a slippery slope.

  13. Robert W. Avatar
    Robert W.

    Ok, correct me if I’m wrong, but this actually made MDA seem reasonable for once. This makes me feel like they stole a little thunder out of the NRA’s sails if they continue to be moderate in their delivery. For the most part, besides the whole crack pot idea of locking up every gun all the time (one of the main reasons is self-defense after all, you need a loaded gun for that, you just have to control it), the pleas in this video are realistic. Don’t be reckless with your gun storage, keep track of your kid’s environment, keep track of your kid’s mental health, ask others to do the same. This same PSA could have come out with NRA labels all over it, and it would have done major good (minus the whole ALWAYS lock up your gun for previously stated reasons) towards the good will of on the fence public opinion and moderate NRA members. Instead MDA put it out, and will generate more on-the-fence traffic to their miss-information sites.

    If it weren’t for the fact that this doesn’t even scratch the surface of MDA’s agenda I could almost say, “seems reasonable” and move on with my life.

    1. Jim Jones Avatar
      Jim Jones

      Have you seen MDA’s and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s supporters’ comments on the NRA’s new Eddie Eagle video? Same message, except that the NRA’s video is the gun lobby’s propaganda to induce small children to buy guns. Those evil corporations, don’t you know? Don’t kid yourself. You can hear it in the witch’s condescending tone. They are not moderate, they are just semi-decent PR flacks.

  14. tincankilla Avatar

    Let me fix this for ya, Melissa:

    S – Secure guns in homes and vehicles. [OK]
    M – Model responsible behavior WITH THE FOUR SAFETY RULES
    R – Recognize the risks of teen suicide.

    1. Hawkeye Avatar

      How about R – recognize the *signs* of teen suicide?

  15. hextone Avatar

    Cancer kills 100,000 kids under 15 years old annually.
    Your efforts would be better spent asking if your kids’ friends microwave plastic food containers or have lead based paint in their house.

  16. VolguusZildrohar Avatar

    It’s easy to call suicide selfish. Until you think of how depressed one must be, or how broken they are mentally, to want to cease to live. Depression is a killer no different than cancer, heard disease, etc. I hope you never experience it, but coming home from work to hear a childhood friend you had just had beers with a few weeks prior and by all accounts seemed okay, has ended their life is a terrible experience. I used to think it was selfish, I don’t feel that way anymore.

  17. VolguusZildrohar Avatar

    *heart disease

  18. md01l Avatar

    Just wait till Melissa realizes that some medications come with easy open caps and that normal responsible parental figures still accidentally burn themselves on the stove from time to time. She’ll forget all about that be smart list she jotted down on a Panera napkin during coffee time with the soccer moms after she forced her kids onto someone else for few hours.

    1. FarmerJoe Avatar

      Imagine her reaction when she discovers the sharp and pointy ends on knives.

  19. Raisedby_dogs Avatar

    Melissa Joan LunchLadyArms. 13 year old me will always have a special place in his heart for her.

  20. Gizmo Avatar

    Would so…still

  21. yallan Avatar

    I support fat shaming, keep it up.