Doody Blops Tres Trailer

*shrug* looks cool I guess:

This is normally where I say some old man stuff, but I’m going to refrain from that this time.  If I thought I had any spare time at all after doing what I need to / want to do every day, trust me I’d be the first one to buy every game system as soon as it came out.

I’m surprised companies are so willing to pay the no doubt massive licensing fees for Rolling Stones songs in 2015.  I agree those songs are timeless, and the Doody franchise definitely isn’t scraping pennies together… I just feel that there could have been more fitting music / more 2015 kid-relatable music had for cheaper.

call-of-duty-black-opsHoly November 6th release date!  What are Doody nerds doing to do all summer?  Bitch about Blops Deux and maybe try to touch a girl’s boob?  That sounds entertaining enough actually tbh.



10 responses to “Doody Blops Tres Trailer”

  1. Kestrelbike Avatar

    Yeah, that song was a terrible call. CoD games just kill me, as someone who started gaming with wolfenstein 3d and doom shareware back in the day. Wayyyy too much cheating (At least on the PC, which is where an FPS belongs) and there are too many ways to die so it’s just a respawnfest. By that I mean there’s always some claymore or remote controlled car with C4 or someone called in a drone strike or a kamikaze UAV or a missile strike or whatever other garbage they jammed into the game. Or I’m just too old.

    1. I don’t know…strapping a team full of C4’s onto a remote controlled car and blowing them up one by one was a good way to d with people in black ops 2.

      That being said, I wasn’t thrilled with the direction in the trailer, but I’ll buy it anyway. Once the wife and kids are asleep, I’m too cheap and lazy to go buy beer at a bar, I’d rather spend the money on better beer at home. and be lame.

  2. Vitsaus Avatar

    So Call of Doodie is now the movie Elysium or what? Guess another generation of “gun experts” is born.

  3. See…of this was a gritty vietnam war game that music would be cool.

    But space weirdos shooting space guns bleh.

    I had more fun in Doom and Quake III arena. No BS just gibs

  4. The battlefield series has advanced destroyable environments in gaming to a point games like doody blops are hard to play. When a fence or a cardboard box, not to mention a tree is a invincible sprite it takes you out of the game. not a mention small buildings.

    Also have they fixed the latency issues with the netcode? It used to be in blops if the dude you were shooting killed you first, all your bullets in the air disappeared from the game with you, so he could scamper off, which was BS.

  5. Seems like they are doing a man vs drone social commentary with this…we build an army of drones, drones turn on us and we have to fight Congrats boys…liberal agenda seeping its way even into our gun-filled video games haha. Seriously though, I wonder how far they will go with the social commentary in this …the drone debate is a hot one. Good call Vitsaus recognizing the similarities to Elysium…I also see a bit of Chappie in there.

  6. Squirreltakular Avatar

    I haven’t played a CoD game since Black Ops 1, but this looks sweet. I’m in, although I’d rather have a newer version of Battlefield 2142.

    1. Kestrelbike Avatar

      Mechs in 2142 were awesome.

  7. The Stig Avatar
    The Stig

    Where are the light sabers?

  8. Denver Chris Avatar
    Denver Chris

    I’m sure the licensing fees for the songs are a drop in the bucket of the budgets of these games, even if they cost something outrageous like $10m. GTA V brought in over $1b in ~72hrs when it launched on consoles, and then also brought in an additional metric shit ton of cash when it launched on PC a couple weeks ago. #PCMR