Rubber Band AK-47 Demonstrates Trollfessional Forward Thinking

I don’t know how I missed this… Taofledermaus did it originally:

Then Mattv2099 did it today:

Judging by the date on the Taofledermaus video I think that’s when I was feeling like shit, clocked out and took a few days off.  Pretty great that it works so awesome… even increased cycle time!  This is the type of forward thinking I like to see in the trollfessional community.

Stained-Glass-AK-47I bet they could also cut a slot in a magazine and wrap a rubber band under the rounds then up around part of the receiver… pulling the rounds upwards and feeding them one by one.


ENDO Apparel shirts in both those videos!  Always nice to see.  You can click the link if you want to grab and shirts or accessories for yourself.


3 responses to “Rubber Band AK-47 Demonstrates Trollfessional Forward Thinking”

  1. triggernoob Avatar

    Who needs springs… We got rubber bands!

  2. Way to be forward thinking! (not really)

  3. satisfaction is wearing the Deagle shirt in Whole Foods and noting the disgusted look on middle age women’s faces after they look at it.