James And Jay Are Mad At The Gun Community And Safety

A cool story from a couple bros, if I’ve ever seen one:

“a friend of ours” say Yeager and Jay… and then don’t mention his name.  Who is this?  It’s not Shoothouse Puzikas again as we find out later… and it’s not Cory 11B because he’s in Indiana.

FXhummel1-Tactical-Response-Photographer-DownrangeOh man I really want to see whatever video(s) they are likely talking about that are “unsafe” according to my fellow keyboard commandos.  Keep mind Jay is the downrange photographer at Tactical Response, so obviously his definition of safety is very loose compared to a lot of ours.

4:41 – Jay addresses the Shoothouse Puzikas negligence.  LOL LOL LOL so funny guys so funny, so hilarious Shoothouse shot a student and he’s still operating his school.  LOL amazing.  Uh for real… this is a joke we laugh at now? *smh*

I agree it’s not even going to happen that the anti-gun people are going to be like “Oh ok, we like that type of training but we don’t like this type of training”.  Videos like this are going to continue to be made over at Tactical Response though because then I throw a fit over it, and ARFCOM throws a fit, and ______ throws a fit and then on and on and Yeager adds another few million dollars to the bottom line because people find out about him this way and the “not giving a shit” legend he’s been cultivating for years keeps growing.  Honestly I’m ok with that… if guys want to train at Tactical Response and shoot 2 ft to the left of Jay’s head and get a cool 8×10″, or go train with Shoothouse Puzikas, it makes no difference to me either.  Your time and money.



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  1. “I used to be outraged. Now I’m just amused.” This bunch used to get under my skin, in a ‘please stop being on my side’ kind of way. I finally decided that wrestling people have to deal with the WWE clown show, and gay people have to deal with the gay pride clown show … and then there’s these guys, who are the cross we have to bear. Life will go on – probably even for the occasional person they accidentally shoot.

  2. I put him and barfcom in the same pile. Used to look at both and rage. Now I look at neither and am overall happier with life.

    1. Also I wish to add, particularly for the Yeager crew, everyone is a badass until that moment they are not.

      That’s something real soldiers and police know and don’t bullshit with by playing stupid games of range chicken.

      1. hextone Avatar

        Absolutely, no one plans to make a mistake.

      2. elephantrider Avatar

        Someone should plunk down some cash for TR training and accidentally shoot Mr. downrange photographer square in his camera.

        1. Bro-ham Avatar

          That’s terrible advice, not worth losing your freedom/reputation over any of those freak shows. If you let a fire burn along enough it’ll eventually consume itself, and one of these days, all those bullshit antics they like to do will catch up to them or a mindless student they’re preaching to.

          1. elephantrider Avatar

            I know, never would actually do it, especially since I just mentioned it on the inter-webs already. It would just be awesome to see Darwinism in action thought. :) I mean seriously, these guys are some serious Darwin Award shit waiting to happen.

        2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          whoa that escalated quickly LOL

          1. elephantrider Avatar

            Yeah, that REALLY got out of hand.

  3. Enfieldem2 Avatar

    “You didn’t even know about the shoot house thing until I told you about it.”

    No, I think I knew about it awhile ago, derp.

  4. Steve from Downtown Canada Avatar
    Steve from Downtown Canada

    When I want driving lessons I’ll call Yeager. Otherwise he can shut up.

  5. Stan Darsh Avatar
    Stan Darsh

    Aww, it’s sad to see how meth destroys lives.

  6. LOL I wonder if the old folks you read about who stopped home invasions with their .38 snubbies (and lived to talk about it) have “stared in to that abyss”.

  7. heavyfire7537 Avatar

    He is constantly seeking a new way to be relevant. I used to hate him. Now its just funny.

  8. WWE; good analogy.

    I’m not for appeasement. I’m not too much for the enthusiast community policing it’s own. But I resent this clown talking about it. Of course that’s his position his career is to be a cartoon and beyond the persona he’s had events… you know, would you call the civil-war rant a lapse in judgement? Yeah, let’s never question one another’s conduct, if we do we’re pussies.

  9. FarmerJoe Avatar

    Yeager has this fascination with people’s nuts. It’s disturbing.

  10. elephantrider Avatar

    Supposedly a link (from YT comments) to a Reddit post about the “class” that sparked these two talking vaginas to take to Youtube and troll for more hits.

    LOL at these guys and their “real man” chest thumping talk. They’ve been whiffing way too much of their own fumes.
    These idiots fail to understand the flaw in what they are doing is the lack of adverse consequences (thus far), which is breeding complacency towards safety in their training. They keep doing this stuff and getting away with it which only reinforces their own bad ideas. They fail to learn from others’ mistakes (Sonny P.), and instead cite that as an example of ‘no real consequences for anyone’ when there is an accident. I am really leaning towards paying for some T.R .”training” so I can have a downrange photographer “accident.”

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL holy those pics and comments are great. Thanks for the heads up.

  11. that__guy Avatar

    I loved where Jay uses “walking through Zombieland” as a legitimate argument to furher his opinion. As if it is an actual scenario worthy to be used as an example. Wow these guys are delusional.

  12. Yourmacroismymicro Avatar

    Walk softly and carry a big stick…


    Brag loudly and act like a dick

    Most dangerous people don’t parade themselves around, talking about being badass.

    Know your limits.