Eddie Eagle’n Like There’s Too Much Lean In My Cup

Holy NRA, this is INTENSE:

I was like a minute into this feeling like I was tripping out.  Looking for insane CGI camera work, talking birds, racially diverse birds, and jingles?  This video has it all.

2:18 – Garry the goose stays lit AF playing video games until they harass him again.

2:39 – Sweet free gun!

2:54 – Eddie Eagle’s eagle eye is all over it… trying to blame Garry goose.  Garry wasn’t about to take shit though, he didn’t know where it came from.

3:08 – *hot safety jingle #1 from Eddie*  His buddies were like “WAT?”

OMG I love this video seriously.  I feel like if there was a 3D version I’d probably have a sensory overload and need to nap to recover.

5:16 – LOL Garry goose is so high.  Look how derpy and excited he looks when he hears “answers to questions about gun safety and pizza”.  Gotta satisfy those munchies.

6:01 – AHHAHA Garry straight up snatched five slices.  Peep the “beats by Dre” type logo on his headphones at 6:05… that’s tight.

6:23 – *Garry goose mumbles something unintelligible with his pizza filled mouth*… then we hear he doesn’t get the big deal because there are guns in his video games.  The cop bird is like fuck you Garry, it’s not the same… DON’T MAKE ME SAY IT’S NOT THE SAME a 3rd time.  OH I WISH MF’in A GOOSE WOULD.

6:58 – “Look great doing it, like a true fashionista Haaaaaaaaay” LOL amazing.

Garry-Goose-Eddie-Eagle-NRAHere’s the original “Learn Gun Safety With Eddie Eagle” video, which in all honestly is pretty flammable (HOT) too and extremely psychedelic (in an old school way) and he even spits hot fire in the stop don’t touch rhyme basically freestyling at times.  I feel like it’s sorta a pre-rehersed freestyle like the Drake HOT97 blackberry-gate one, but I mean whatever it’s the delivery that counts *can I touch the city Flex let them know what’s up?*  Interesting too how in the old one, Eddie is the only avian and the characters are all kids.  Do kids in 2015 relate to more off the wall stuff like having an all bird cast?  I have no idea, maybe some of you know.

Thoughts?  This video have you feeling like you’re “on one” at work today?


16 responses to “Eddie Eagle’n Like There’s Too Much Lean In My Cup”

  1. One time I mixed up the NyQuil and DayQuil. I took a shot or two of the night stuff during the day. That was interesting. I think I’m going to do that again and check out this video, maybe loop it. That should make for a fun afternoon in my bunker.

  2. LearnItalianWithInstructorZero Avatar

    If Yeager ever sees this he’s gonna have to tack on one more to the 1911’s suck trilogy. Seriously though, pretty good message. Looks like comments are disabled on the video but it’s more likely that they’re trying to keep kids that may watch the video from reading the shit that inevitably ends up in YouTube comments. How long before this ends up on a news outlet and they tear it to pieces?

    1. I doubt they’d do that. That would bring attention to it, and thereby, spread the message it contains. You might find a few anti-gun bloggers who might try to rip it to pieces because… reasons… but I’d be surprised if the media/news channels touched it at all.

      1. LearnItalianWithInstructorZero Avatar

        I suppose you’re right. I was a bit broad with my ‘news outlet’ statement. Still, some smaller “news” organizations that happen to be anti-gun will probably get ahold of it and commence the butthurt. I once read a poor excuse for an article on silencers and how the NRA is pushing them so that they can more efficiently kill babies or some drivel like that. I distinctly remember that someone left a comment that went something like: “If it’s length they want, give them all revolutionary war muskets and let them kill each other with those HAHA I’m going to go jerk off to a Michael Moore film.”

  3. Overall, I like the video’s attempt. I’ve always had a slight issue with the mnemonic (or lack there of) with the NRA’s “kids’ version of the four rules.”

    SDTRATAG doesn’t spell anything. SDRT doesn’t really bring anything to mind either, or at least nothing that would relate to a kid. So using the letters to help remember the rules doesn’t work. But counting does. Most preschool kids can count to four. I’ve modified the rules a bit when teaching my kids, and all four (even the youngest) can remember them in order.
    1 Stop
    2 Don’t Touch
    3 Leave The Area
    4 Go Get An Adult.
    One word, two words, three words, four words. They can count them off on their fingers, each rule being the same number of words as the rule number.

    I also don’t care for the “run away” message. That’s fine for a found gun, but are they supposed to run away when they see an adult carrying a gun at Kroger’s? Well, I guess if Shannon gets her way, they should.

    Still, overall, it’s good. It’s certainly better than the anti-gun alternative of sticking you head in the sand, or plugging your ears and singing loudly to drown it all out.

    1. Nice, will use it that way from now on.

    2. Mr. Mom Avatar

      As a father of a 4 year old. I would suggest simplifying to only 3:
      1. Stop
      2. Don’t touch
      3. Get an adult (they are presumably already away from the area, and getting one would mean moving away from the gun). I only suggest because small children can’t remember more than 3 steps, but otherwise good..

      1. Oh, that is so true, at times!

        As it is, with repetition all four of my kids know/knew this. The oldest is now 14, and she can recite the four rules (the real four rules) flawlessly. And I make her recite them before we go to the range, or we don’t go to the range (tough, but fair, I think). The youngest is six, and he can recite all four of the EE rules. He knew them by age four or so. Younger than that, it’s hard to get it to stick, much less mean anything to them. If you can get Stop and Don’t Touch, you’ve got the most important two steps there are to a found gun and curious kid.

  4. Menger40 Avatar

    It’s a little confusing, they point out that cops, mom, dad or other adults might have guns, but they still tell you to “run away” and “tell a grown up” whenever you see one.

    Here’s a real tip: don’t run from the cops, kids.

    1. Only if you mythically put your hands up and yell don’t shoot.

    2. jim bob Avatar

      “Here’s a real tip: don’t run from the cops, black kids.”


      worst thing that happens if running while white, is you will catch a beating or an “aggressive” cuffing when they catch you.

  5. The way Eddy adds and exaggerate an “H” sound in “tell a grownup” is driving my nuts. :)

  6. Seems more coherent having them all be funny animals. Whats the basketball basket made of though? Is it supposed to be one of those nests swallows make with mucus?

  7. Socialkaos Avatar

    Can’t tell if this is for kids or to tell parents what to teach they’re kids. Are people and children so stupid nowadays the we need public service announcement cartoons to emphasize common sense. Maybe it’s just the fact that I grew up in a household that has an M60, an hk91 and a hk93 with a shared sear, and a powder springs 9mm MAC 10, not to mention the 100+ other AR’s, AK’s, M1A’s, FAL’s, SKS’s. My father started me out at 4 years old . I went from a single action ruger 22 pistol to a 12 gauge 870 with a pachmary vindicator pistol grip in the span of an hour. And yes as a child I knew where the keys were for all the safes, but I never messed with stuff when he wasn’t around because my father put the fear of God in me and I knew he would beat my ass if I did. As gun owners with children I suggest you grow some balls and drill you’re children as young as possible . That way they don’t need cartoon PSA’s to teach them what they should already know.

    1. bethan Avatar

      There’s been an Eddie the eagle program for at least 30 years, you could get it on a chs for schools and youth groups in the 80’s.

      This isn’t for parents with guns really so much as a means to put the message out to k8ds who aren’t really familiar with firearms.

  8. MNblockhead Avatar

    I like the original better. I wonder they changed it? Did they do focus groups and determine that “grown up” is easier for kids to remember than “adult”? I guess “run away” is easier for very young children to remember than “leave the area.” But I find the singing to be distracting and harder to remember than the original Eddie Eagle video, which spoke in very clear, audible rhymes. I agree with Mr. Mom that you can simplify it to 3 steps, but the original had a rhythm to it that seem to make it stick in the head when you used all four.

    Overall, I don’t think that this new version improves on the original. They could have updated the graphics and story without changing the rules. Also, like others, I find the way Eddie pronounces grown-up to be annoying. I wasn’t even sure what he was saying at first. If you want kids to remember something, make it clear.