Travis Haley On The Real Steel v.s. Airsoft Rift

Travis rolls through and drops knowledge:

God Travis’ skin… so beautiful *pause* LOL.  *whispers in distance* Turo Skin (TM) *whispers in distance*

I poke fun at airsofters lots, but it’s all in the game though.  Whatever you have fun doing recreationally in your spare time, I’m happy for you.  Everyone needs a hobby.  Honestly if I got really into Airsoft I’d probably enjoy it too.  Please though guys just don’t take airsoft TOO seriously and try and draw parallels to how well you’d probably do in combat because you’re good at tossing plastic BBs .  Just because you pressed your ass up against a HESCO barrier at summer camp and “took out” your sisters friend’s cousin’s aunt at 32 yards with a supreme accuracy 360 no scope headshot, it doesn’t mean you’re quite ready for DELTA.  You also are likely (I say likely not definitely) a beacon of real firearm knowledge either.  Yea you might get there some day if you transition to realness and work hard, but you’re not LAV or Travis yet dawg.

Airsoft-MemeI like this dialed down version of Travis best.  When he gets all spiritual I just feel like a useless dumbass.

Oh here’s a video of Travis getting out of bed, retrieving his handgun from a conspicuously thick mirror and shooting a Kenny Powers looking target in a home defense scenario.


Gat tip: Jerry


14 responses to “Travis Haley On The Real Steel v.s. Airsoft Rift”

  1. Bro-ham Avatar

    The trick is to get like minded people who use airsoft for what it is: a tool to exercise doctrine, practice, and improve upon applicable skill craft. It’s a great force on force training tool as long as all parties treat it seriously from start to finish. I.E.

    1) after a couple days worth of maneuver, you quickly realize what gear is essential and what isn’t on your chest rig.
    2) you treat downed team members with the IFAK you have, and learn to build from there
    3) plan contingencies

    Of course, non of that will happen if there’s at least one ass clown that see’s it as a LARP for Cowwadoody fantasies.

    1. MattCFII Avatar

      ^This, Airsoft is a better gear lab than a lot of classes. The key is to have proper mindset training partners, which is hard for us to get because all you guys see just the stupid side of thing, scoff at it, and not realize how good of a training tool it can be. Force on force training shakes out so much stuff that a square range can’t and right now Airsoft is the most accessible method of FOF out there.

      1. Agreed. All that actual physical activity with hands-on trial and error is way more applicable down the road than stewing in a sofa in front of a TV with a controller/Big Gulp in your hand.

  2. LearnItalianWithInstructorZero Avatar

    Instagram is full of airsoft operators who ask their mom to take pictures of them in full kit on the deck and then blur their faces and the other airsoft operators can barely contain their erections. I’ve seen several of them and they all claim they blur because “my face was derpy in the picture” or “I want the focus on the kit and not my face.” Of course you do man. Of course you do. Surely its not because you’re a douchebag.

  3. JackFrost Avatar

    I just got back from a good sized airsoft game that took place on the MOUT facilities in Ft. Hood. 200ish people. It is a really great way to train small unit tactics, and this venue made for some really awesome and intense CQB fights. Room clearing, clearing corners, suppression fire, all of those skills were needed and used. My day job is an instructor at a local shooting range. I bring some of the things I learn from the airsoft games into some of the classes I teach. I don’t for a second pretend that I am anything more than a basic rifle or pistol instructor, but there are some very good lessons that can be learned when playing in the manner that Bro-Ham was talking about.

  4. I recently had my first experience with airsoft. I had always had the (uninformed) opinion that it was just a game for kids. This training was in the context of a traffic stop, needing to search/secure the individual, and search the vehicle. There were multiple scenarios, ranging from friendly and cooperative individuals, to guys that started shooting as soon as you approached, to flying solo and with a partner. There were two airsoft pistols, a rifle, and training knives in play; and it could be all or none; located anywhere on the person/persons, or in the vehicle. The role players did a great job of keeping it serious and realistic. The role players, and the threat of potential pain, gave an increased sense of realism and seriousness. Some of the best training I’ve received. I’m actually looking into getting my own airsoft guns now. And dang they’re expensive.

  5. Airsoft sure can be a useful tool. Back when training to clear your house by yourself was the hot new thing, I would encourage people to try it with airsoft guns. I think we got a lot of good from MILES back when I was an operational operator. Same idea really. It’s good for ironing out small unit tactics. But it can quickly devolve into kids playing laser tag if you don’t keep Joe on task.

  6. Airsoft is a tool, the seriousness or lack thereof is the responsibility of the users and teams.

  7. nice to know me and travis have the same ring tone…..DROLLS

  8. Travis woke up from his real steel shroom trip and was like, who the fuck is this kid? my pull out game in Asia was way too fucking strong for this.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      ROFL literally.

  9. Real question is, do chicks dig airsofters?, here’s a song that indicates maybe they do.

  10. Yeah, but why would anyone spend 1K on a bb gun and with a crye precision kit?

  11. Fucking Travis ignoring my call to talk to some airsofter…