Keep Shopping At Kroger Until They Ban Guns

Says Moms demand common sense:

Everytown-for-gun-safety-logoOh wait, that was Moms Demand Action, and they want Kroger to ban guns (still).  Guess what?  Kroger still doesn’t give a shit what Shannon Watts A.K.A. “5000 Bitch-a-Watts” wants.  If the law in the states Kroger is in says carry is legal, then Kroger has been allowing it.  What an interesting concept… to just follow the laws rather than trying to make your own.  If Bloomberg didn’t have basically unlimited play money to throw at this cause I’d think MDA eventually backing down from Kroger was a victory for the pro-gun camp.   They will just go after weaker more easily pressured businesses and chains with their schoolyard bully tactics.



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  1. Actually the things Kroger does NOT allow made perfect sense. In this video that the Errytown crew made; I just saw a guy with an AR buy his groceries and not bother anyone. It was slung the entire time and I’m sure nobody would have tried to rob the place.

    It smacked of being like that one picture of the Apple Store in Switzerland where homeboy has a slung SG 550 just all playing on an iPad, chilling and whatnot.

    In fact, that could have been a real pro open carry piece just by brightening the lighting and playing patriotic music.
    You know your propaganda is misguided when it proves the other side right.

    1. tincankilla Avatar

      that’s a great idea! someone should just create a re-edited parody of this, with just a few changes.

    2. That’s what I was thinking, they’re trying to demonize guns by showing a perfectly peaceful person minding his own business. You could do the same thing with a police officer.

  2. HouHef45 Avatar

    Moms Demand Action had some “protest” a few months back at the new Harris Teeter (which is now a Kroger subsidiary) in Myers Park (the most affluent neighborhood in CLT). I guess they thought they’d get a lot of hippie elites to come out and support them. They had more news cameras then protestors. I have since exclusively shopped the HT since this. Who cares about the higher prices, this place always guns and has an exquisite tapenade for my gougères. I’m sold, player.

    1. HouHef45 Avatar

      allows guns*

  3. Video comments are disabled, shocker..

    1. Damned cowards can’t face ANY truth or reasoning…or as they say, “common sense” so they disable their comments.

      1. We must be idiots if we’re all against “common sense” gun laws

  4. Bruh Bruh Avatar
    Bruh Bruh

    I hate that these anti gunners use AR’s and AK’s all the time in their adverts… makes me want to sling mine across my back and go for a little shopping trip! Better to be prepared and not need it right?

    We need more places like ‘Shooters Grill’ in Rifle, CO. A gun is part of the work uniform! I doubt theyll ever get robbed…

  5. Old colleague of mine recalls in the 80’s he bought a Colt AR15 SP1 at a mall, slung it over his shoulder and shopped for the rest of the day with his wife. Back then, it was a day like any other.

  6. Leave AR’s alone… *sigh, cry, sigh*

    Put some imagination in there. A good’ol lever-action Winchester, a 551 Sig, a MP7, why not a superb M1 Garand, or a Tommy Gun…

    You want to scare passers by? Walk in a mall with a loaded Sten slung around your back. I would hide and run away… This tin can is a vicious piece of kit.

  7. Squirreltakular Avatar

    HAHAHA! That was basically a commercial FOR Kroger!

    When they were like, “But this isn’t one of them.” I nearly did a little dance and went, “Fuck yeah! America!”


  8. Hahaha “5000-Bitch-a-Watts” I love ya Mike, that’s perfect.

  9. this made me want to go shop there … and bring my ar

  10. why even respond, they post up this shit and then disable comments because there game is weak. And BTW when skateboarding frees us from Tyranny, they can make that shit legal in grocery stores, but we all know those fuckers fall alot and take out shins so maybe not.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      “And BTW when skateboarding frees us from Tyranny, they can make that shit legal in grocery stores”

      Ahahaha you guys are killin it with the hilarious comments today. That’s the 2nd one I LOLd at so far.