Ted Nugent – The Voice Of Who Exactly?

This guy has a proven track record now, of being a pure shithead:

Miss-America-Mallory-HaganOh look Mr Controversial opens his controversy hole again.  How SHOCKING! *eye roll*.  Oh and it’s Obama related too?  Again… very shocking.

At this point the tinfoil hat guy in me is almost convinced he’s funded by the antigun / anti-freedom crowd just to make us look bad.  I hardly think that would be a stretch.

Stay classy Ted.  Thoughts?


20 responses to “Ted Nugent – The Voice Of Who Exactly?”

  1. Ted is living in a fantasy land. I think it will only get worse as he gets older.
    BTW, what are these rabid Obama haters going to do after his term is up?

    1. Oh man you think these guys are going to stop blaming everything in life on Obama just because he isn’t in office anymore? Lefties are still blaming Bush for insignificant shit almost 8 years later. These dudes are going to ride the Obama hate train to their graves.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Haha so true

    2. Jim Jones Avatar
      Jim Jones

      If Beastlary wins in ’16, they’ll have a new enemy to rail against.

  2. Regulus Avatar


  3. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    In the pantheon of Ted-isms, this one isn’t even bad. His use of the “subhuman mongrel” term is some sly underhanded racism I am not down with.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea I don’t like that one at all either :(

  4. Bro-ham Avatar

    For anyone who has fought over there, and lost friends to the savages, the term “subhuman mongrel” would be the nicest epithet on a long list of politically incorrect adjectives for our dear leader.

    Using suicidal veterans as a political tool though, is not right. That’s what socialist weasels do.

    1. Morgan Avatar

      Which dear leader? The one that ordered the wars in the first place, with almost full congressional approval?

      Ted is missing the mark by a mile. Veterans will continue to suffer the consequences of a long war, long after Obama is out. Nugent is riding the hate train to the end of the line AND he’s getting paid to do it at these stupid right wing fundraisers. If only the problem of veteran suicide and PTSD was so simple. I suppose all these at risk veterans are just going to be problem free in 2017? Right? Suicide and PTSD is on an election cycle right? Dude makes me sick.

    2. Grindstone Avatar

      Hey now, Bush wasn’t THAT bad, was he?

      1. Well letting the neocons talk him into invading Iraq in 2003 was bad, one of the worst disasters for the United States actually. So yeah, he was.

        1. Alongside the surveillance mess we are currently dealing with that is far more expansive and intruding than the even the conspiracy theorists imagined, so, yeah, screw dubya.

  5. Why can’t Ted just go away? Why do people give him an audience?

  6. Vitsaus Avatar

    I always figured since his music was always pretty 3rd tier for its era, he decided to stay in the (limited) spotlight by just being a nut case.

  7. He’s stupid. He’s like John Wayne. Pandering to people. ..trying to live up to macho image. He had his chance to be a man and pissed it away. It’s too late and he can cram it.

  8. Ted Nugent is a draft dodger. So fuck him.

  9. Ted, you aren’t helping things…

  10. Patriot Gunner Avatar
    Patriot Gunner

    That bit is still not as bad as his show on Outdoor Network, SPIRIT OF DA WILD!

  11. Lots of gun guys here, not a lot of hunters though. Uncle Ted is who he is. Gotta spend a lot of time in the woods to get his sense of humor.

  12. Thanks for making me lose hope I guess :P

    I really wish the only political and public allies we have when it comes to gun rights wouldn’t come from the republican party or dilweeds like Nugent. I guess bring on hildog for POTUS in ’16 and we will continue being reliant on obstructionist, anti-rights, hawkish institutional republicans to prevent more gun control.

    Now. on to more pressing matters, like who to pencil in come election time.