History Of The Uzi

Ahoy is on it:

Shark-UZIThat’s a good looking design for sure.

5:13 – “It is the perfect choice for a drive-by shooting”  haha oh no he didn’t!

Shark Uzi!  Yea that actually happened.


3 responses to “History Of The Uzi”

  1. The barrel always looked circumcised. There. You can’t unsee it. Shalom

  2. “Da Uzi nine milla-meetuh…”

  3. I’ve always thought the UZI straight handle looks like it will give you carpal-tunnel. MAC series is bad too. I don’t know why so many subguns have to be non-ergonomic.

    I was glad he gave props to the Czechs for the innovation of the telescopic bolt.