What If Gun Companies Had One Hour Delivery?

Similiar to what “Amazon Prime Now” is offering in Manhattan:

$7.99 for that one hour option… 2 hour delivery is free!  Wow what a time we live in.  I get it though… you have a hot date Tinder date who didn’t specify “No hookups” so you need some fresh ENDO Apparel.  You can hit up the Amazon links and Prime Now supposedly have it to you within the hour.  Sounds pretty awesome to me.   If you don’t have a date, you could always get a new blu-ray and some cheetos delivered.

What if Brownells or Midway had 1 hour delivery?  Would it increase your impulse purchases?  What if you could hypothetically buy a gun online and have it delivered right to your door?  Would that be dangerous to your wallet?


11 responses to “What If Gun Companies Had One Hour Delivery?”

  1. wait…. wheres the drones ??

  2. Chuck in IL Avatar
    Chuck in IL

    Amazon Prime definitely changed my shopping habits. Overnight shipping for $4? Yes please. In less than an hour? Guns as well? I’d be broke. Or broker.

  3. Enfieldem2 Avatar

    Drone delivered firearms? In an hour or so? Start with some 80% lowers perhaps…

    There are probably liberals with blood coming out of their ears at that thought.

    It would be devastating to my already meager finances. I would probably have way more cheap handguns.

  4. Prime has spoiled me enough. My coworkers will ask me to order stuff and pay me cash. They get it the next day or two at the office. No running out, no standing in line, no wasting gas. If they don’t like it Amazon’s got no hassle returns, we just print a label and add the box to our daily UPS pickup.

    I ordered a Prime item sent to my mom’s house. Took FOUR days. WTF Amazon?! My mom needs her purple-handled Swiss Army Knife IN TWO DAYS OR ELSE!

  5. I don’t see why Amazon themselves wouldn’t put firearms accessories via one-hour delivery in areas where such items would be popular, i.e. Florida, the South, etc…you can already get a lot of accessories via Prime anyways.

    The whole trick to one-hour delivery is to have the infrastructure in place. Midway and Brownells don’t have warehouses all over the country like Amazon does. They’d have to establish them to pull it off. Or just use Amazon as their fulfillment provider.

  6. I live in Columbia, MO. Midway is down the road. I can order anything, and in thirty minutes it is ready to pick up.

    I’m so poor.

    1. Right there with you. Ordered a few things a couple days ago, headed out the door, got the email it was ready before I got halfway there. Love it!

  7. That awkward moment when you get an order for 10,000 rounds to be delivered within the hour to a bank.

  8. KestrelBike Avatar

    Sigh… the brunette at 0:06…. yes. Yes and yes. all day long. Even though she’s probably liberal as all F’in get out. Still. Yes.

  9. HashtagNot Avatar

    haha travis

  10. For testing. Please ignore.