Former Gang Member Takes To Reddit To Discuss Guns

Gangsta-Shooting-TrendThe title of the post by the gang member “BenjaminWebb161” is actually – “Guns, gangs, and the Glawk 40: A primer on street gangs and how they get arms”.

Head over to the thread and check out the comments and his replies.  Very interesting stuff.  Some of the answers are probably not what you would have expected.

There is just way too much info on there to put in this post… but if I had to summarize what I read it would be:

  • Situational awareness and how you act (don’t act like a good victim) is key.
  • Don’t wear gang colors in gang territory.
  • It’s a shocker, but laws don’t stop criminals.
  • Dogs, a loud alarm, and reinforced doors and door frames work well to keep criminals out

It’s also notable that he has no convictions, is not a prohibited person, all his firearms are legally owned, and he actually is currently serving in the USAF.


Gat tip: Keijo


12 responses to “Former Gang Member Takes To Reddit To Discuss Guns”

  1. Don’t wear gang colors? I get the need for security but man, is it a free country or what? Unless their color is pink (which is not acceptable for dudes), screw’em, wear the color you want!
    Anyway Endo apparel only comes in grey and black…

    1. Kestrelbike Avatar

      Blue is the only color I look good in, I’m not going to let some goddamn gang dictate my fashion. Endo, make some crip-blue shirts and let’s take back our streets.

      1. +1

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Haha don’t only in heavy gang territory. Best for your health free country or not.

  2. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    Just don’t wear gang colors in gang territory, and you’ll be fine. Nice find. That thread was very interesting.

  3. But what if I want to wear my gang colored notch hat in gang territory?

    1. bruh bruh Avatar
      bruh bruh

      Anyone rocking a notch hat is too operator to target. Especially if youre rocking a half red half blue “Tactical as _ _ _ _” ENDO shirt. Thats gangster operation right thurr

      Stitches is probably the goon wanting “a 30 rd 1911 magazine”

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Haha so gangsta. That 30 round 1911 clipazine is crucial too.

      2. beardly Avatar

        ..and here I am like a fool with only 28rnd clipazines for my SVI :(

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL you’ll make so many friends with a red or blue notch hat. It’s science.

  4. Moonman Avatar

    I have personally dealt with the straws trying to purchase. “Yeah, she looking for that Taurus Judge…” *Hands gun to her* “Where do I put the bullets in this? How many are in a clip?”

    I think dealing with this shit gets annoying:

    Them: “Yo dawg, you got any extendo clips for my jank?”
    Me: “What kind of pistol do you have? The only clips we can get are for Mauser C96’s. For rifle we can set you up with some Mosin, Mauser or M1 clips.”
    Them: “Shit…. I can’t memba what I got at the crib. You know, one dem 9mm janks. I think it be the C9 one you mentioned…”
    Me: “Well sir, bring it in. That is a nice piece of history you would have.”
    *Brings in hipoint*
    Me: “Sir, that pistol is a Hipoint. No we don’t have extended magazines for that. I will buy that gun for about $5 so I can make my hipoint numchucks dream come true.”

  5. This reminded me that i haven’t played fuck-fuck games in a while.

    Just asked a patent examiner to search out a ‘red head on a sybian’ for me. I hope he realized what I just did.