Joerg Sprave Shoots Stuff At Austrian Goth Club Guys

Crazy slingshot guy’s most controversial video yet:

DummesaulolDummesaulol is what these guys call themselves.  What a half-assed version of Jackass… trying to out-USA the USA NEVER ever works.  Regardless I laughed at those intro clips, because how can you not when guys are getting banged in the crotch and thrown off stuff? haha

3:10 – Joerg’s daughters?  *Thirst activated. More info needed* LOL

Holy that is insane those guys are taking those shots to the face with shitty gas station sunglasses on.  The lens coming out on the guy at 3:42 could have easily slit his eyeball wide open.

3:57 – Cool stars and strips boxer shots brAh. Troll much? *smh*

4:36 – HARD BOILED?  You have to be kidding…. ack right to the face with NO EYE PRO.  Man that’s dirty… right to the eye, I thought Joerg was better than that kind of move.  I hope that “not telling him” was just a stunt for the camera to knot a few panties (and the kid actually agreed to it).

5:20 – Man… seriously they are going to get shot with an ostrich egg?  This is nuts… pure insanity.  Damn, that looked painful.  Have fun with that internal bleeding.



6 responses to “Joerg Sprave Shoots Stuff At Austrian Goth Club Guys”

  1. murica!! these guys will never be as dumb as us lol

  2. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

    Needs more purple haired camera girl.

    1. TheBear Avatar

      Yes. Need more European girls in general. If my partner ever dies I think I’m going on a sabbatical to another country.

  3. TheAKGuy Avatar

    I would pay for their flight here if they would let me shoot them on my channel!

  4. Umop_3pisdn Avatar

    Wow, so much cringe man..
    Joerg laughing as this guys took serious direct hits to the eyes and face was really nasty. Kinda sociopathic. Was pretty obvious these retards didn’t know what they got themselves into until they got a no warning head shot from a purpose built egg launcher..
    Lol their reluctance was really the sad part. Haven’t seen their other vids but I bet this was one of the worst things they’ve done for attention yet..

    1. TheBear Avatar

      Yeah a lot of people in the comments under the YouTube video said similar things.

      I personally just think it was in bad taste and not very professional. Joerg really gives no fucks, though. I respect that he does this as a hobby and doesn’t give a shit what people says.

      However, between this video, the shit-tastic “zombie movie” he made after taking peoples’ money, and flipping out on message boards when people said (admittedly nasty and uncalled for) things about his creations… meh.

      I’m still a fan and still like/respect him but not as much as I used to.