DIY Hiding A Gun Inside Your Closet The Easy Way

JohnnyIShootStuff does a DIY:

chappelle-princeI started off not liking this idea at all until he put the jacket over it… that’s a damn good idea.  I’d zip the jacket up though.

Seems to me like it would work reasonably well to keep snoops and robbers away.  Make sure you use a shitty jacket though… if put it under your Arcteryx Veilance jacket and even the gulliest of thieves is going to spot the quality and nab it.



5 responses to “DIY Hiding A Gun Inside Your Closet The Easy Way”

  1. When I was robbed the burglers used my clothing to wrap up my xbox and all my electronics. This method wouldn’t of helped me much.
    The best spot is in your dirty clothes hamper. Nobodys going through your dirty underwear.

  2. Special Case Avatar
    Special Case

    I like the idea of using the shoe organizer as a cheap way to hang stuff on the inside of your locker/safe.

    Now I just need to explain to my wife why her shoes all over the floor of her closet.

  3. kids play in closets too often. Better to just use magnets affixed with a heavy duty glue. That’s how movies should do it too, duct tape would eventually fall off.

  4. Pretty fuckin cool my man simple cheap easy to literally DIY from scratch rags and stuff in the garage

  5. Too hard to find in a jam lee and yes bugalars will probably find it but in anything aside from a rather pricey safe they would find take and open later. Kids well kids are curios lil bastards so that’s why as i always say children need to be informed and trained for use and to know when not to use a gun its that simple children grew up with guns in the home for decad before this afraid of an object era