Importance Of Marksmanship Taught In One Colorado Middleschool

This is mind blowing.  I’m happy to see at least everyone isn’t bowing to the standard “guns are evil PERIOD”:

Appleseed volunteers and Revolutionary War re-enactors are leading the intensive course, which is one of nine different options at Craver. The instructors brought real guns into the classroom Monday and Tuesday before heading to the range to show how things worked in the 1700’s.

The course is a week long even!  That’s really awesome.

1:52 – “That’s how you load a .22 mag”  LOL thug life.  I made up an instagram video today for that:

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shooting-targetFull Story over on KOAA5 News.

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9 responses to “Importance Of Marksmanship Taught In One Colorado Middleschool”

  1. Looks like an Appleseed event. I’ve really been meaning to get to one, see if I can qualify as Rifleman and get my patch.

  2. Back in the late 80’s/early 90’s when I was in highschool, we had an NRA club that shot air rifles in tunnel that went between buildings. It was turned into an airgun range. We also had archery class as part of gym class. We were allowed to bring in our own bows. It was no big deal. School was closed for the first day of deer season.

  3. I need to get to an appleseed.

    Also loved the comments at the end. Two positive that were well thought out responses, and one negative comment that was just “That’s a terrible idea!”

    Yep, one side thinking, the other side feeling.

    1. derpy sir derp Avatar
      derpy sir derp

      I don’t count it as ‘feeling’.

      Being a non-thinking person is not the same as a person who follows their feelings. This is not a ‘mind vs heart’ thing.

      Mindless political robots don’t necessarially need feelings. They just feel the need to obey and surrender liberty so they can remove the burden of responsibility from themselves.

  4. skip11b Avatar

    oh my god, how did they all survive? I can’t believe that with proper supervision and standard range procedures, education, safety and care that not ONE of those kids became a lustful killer and opened fire with a 30 caliber clip of high capacity magnum 22’s in half a second. my goodness…they are all so lucky.

  5. It’s nice to see something good in the news for once.
    Viral videos and fear mongering gets old.

    Hopefully this isn’t the future of TV:

  6. We are the people that ran this event. The young man in the video clip, the day before we went to the range, expressed to me that he was scared of shooting a real gun. His experience had only been with BB guns. At the range, he used my left-hand bolt .22 rifle. He quickly got over his fear and showed competence in handling the rifle. The confidence shows in that little clip. It made us laugh.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      That’s awesome! I love what you guys are doing.

  7. this should be a mandatory class lol .. thats our future and i bet if you ask those kids they will tell you that guns are not evil. education is the key to longevity